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Climate-smart express courier with Bzzt in Stockholm

Climate-smart messenger offer within Stockholm's inner city
Delivery 2 hours after collection
Delivery to companies and individuals (residential address)
Pick-up and delivery takes place between 08:00 and 19:00.

In connection with the pick-up, the driver will call you, the sender, to get you ready. In connection with the pick-up, you will meet up . You as the recipient must meet the driver to facilitate pick-up.

When the driver approaches the recipient, the recipient will be contacted by telephone. The driver meets the recipient to hand over the parcel and get a signature for the delivery.

Driving and delivery time
Immediately after collection, the transport is on its way to the recipient. Collection and delivery takes place within 2 hours.

Carrying in / carrying aid IMPORTANT
Carrying aid or carrying in to a greater extent is not included. Senders and recipients must be helpful in connection with collection and delivery.

Pricing and supplements IMPORTANT
The price is based on whether the transport is under or over 2.5 km in mileage.
If the driver is forced to wait longer than 15 minutes for collection or delivery, a "waiting time-fee" will be added. Read more at post-debit, additional costs and fees.

Limits in size and weight;

Max length = 85 cm
Max width = 45 cm
Max height = 45 cm
Max volume per package = 0.172 m3
Max total volume = 0.248 m3
Max weight per package = 15 kg
Maximum total weight = 60 kg
Maximum total number of packages = 10 pcs

If you have questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact customer service. If you need to know a postal code area or other information, contact customer service.
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