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Send parcel with DSV

DSV is one of several shipping companies that Shiplink works with. You can easily send packages with DSV by booking shipping online via Shiplink. We give you a fixed price and take care of the practicalities of the booking.

Send parcel with DSV

How to send packages with DSV

Here´s how you send a package:
Use Shiplinks price calculator, you get a fixed price for what you intend to send.
You book online and receive your shipping documents by e-mail.
A courier from DSV picks up your package.

Shiplink takes care of all the practicalities. You only need to provide the information needed to send your package. It is easy to send goods with us, regardless of whether you use DSV or another carrier.

Calculate the price here!

Who is DSV?

DSV is a provider of logistics and transport services with operations worldwide. This transport company is represented in 90 markets across 6 continents. In addition to land-based transport, DSV has freight by air and sea.

Shipping services

DSV has a wide range of freight services. Here are some of the most common types:
Domestic road transport
International road transport
Express courier
Other transport

Domestic road transport

DSV is one of the leading freight companies for road transport in Sweden. It is possible to book transport of packages (DSV e-parcel), general cargo, pallet goods (DSV e-pallet), full loads and bulk goods. For general cargo under 1560 kg, DSV uses a closed system (Hub) that provides high delivery security, short transport time and daily departures.

For domestic bulk goods over 1560 kg, DSV uses its own direct line system that covers the entire country. To help it, DSV has 5 consignment centers in strategic locations - in Landskrona, Gothenburg, Umeå, Jönköping and Västerås.

With DSV Night Distribution, delivery is possible before 07:00 in the morning.

International road transport

DSV has road transport between Sweden and a large number of markets throughout Europe. This service is available for general cargo up to 2,500 kg and bulk cargo over 2,500 kg and for full cargo.

Express courier

DSV offers two types of express services:
DSV Xpress: A courier service for documents, packages and pallets in Sweden and around the world.
DSV Road Express: An international transport service abroad.

Other transport

DSV offers special transport of unusually bulky shipments. The shipping company has temperate transports within Sweden and between countries in northern Europe. It is also possible to order shipping of dangerous goods with DSV.

Track DSV packages

When you send packages with DSV by booking via Shiplink, you can easily track the shipment on our website. All you have to do is visit the tracking page and enter your booking number. You immediately see where the package you sent with DSV is.

You can also search for your shipment directly at DSV through their Track & Trace service which is available here. There you enter either customer number or booking number to track your shipment.

DSV delivery

DSV offers home delivery of packages. Prior to delivery, the recipient is given a time window when he must be in place and reachable. It is possible to change the delivery date by contacting DSV. It is even possible to change the delivery address if necessary. Since DSV often delivers by truck, the road must be passable for that type of vehicle.

Use Shiplink to book freight with DSV. We give you a fixed and guaranteed price for your shipping. In addition, we take care of all the practicalities so that you can use your time for other things!

Frequently asked questions and answers about sending packages with DSV

For how long is the package kept by DSV?

When you send a package with DSV, it remains for 9 days before it goes back to the sender.

How long does it take to send packages with DSV?

Delivery with DSV usually takes 1 - 3 weekdays when it comes to domestic transport.
Through DSV Night Distribution, delivery is possible before 07:00 in the morning.

What does it cost to send packages with DSV?

The price for sending a package with DSV depends on how big it is, its weight and where it is to be sent. Use Shiplinks price calculator to see what it costs to send packages.

How to send express shipping with DSV?

Book express shipping with DSV via Shiplinks website. Just enter the package's weight and dimensions in our price calculator and you will receive a fixed price and can book directly.

Updated on: 28/01/2021

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