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Send parcel with Jetpak

Do you want to send packages with Jetpak? It is one of the transport companies that Shiplink cooperates with. You can send packages easy with Jetpak and other shipping companies by booking online through us. We give you a fixed price for your shipment and take care of all the practical work. You can spend your time on other things!

Send parcel with Jetpak

How to send packages with Jetpak

You can use Shiplink's freight service to send packages with Jetpak:
In our price calculator, you get a fixed price for your shipping.
You book directly online. Then print the freight documents that you receive by e-mail.
Jetpak picks up your package at the specified address.

We are responsible for your package during the entire transport. This is always the case when you send through Shiplink - regardless of whether it is Jetpak or another carrier that handles the shipping.

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Who are Jetpak?

Jetpak is a Swedish shipping company that is known for their express shipping with fast and punctual deliveries. It was a pioneer in domestic freight by air - hence the name. The strength lies in the combination of fast air freight and smooth ground deliveries by courier.

Today, Jetpak also has operations in the Baltics, the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. In the Nordic region, Jetpak has over 140 local offices. Jetpacks are a fast option, whether you are sending packages to the next block or to the other side of the world.

Jetpak's various services

Jetpak has several services for fast package deliveries. Here are the most common options:
Jetpak direct
Jetpak next day
Customer specific

Jetpak direct

If you need to book a courier and send packages quickly from door to door, Jetpak direct is the right transport service. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and every day of the year. Delivery takes place the same day. Jetpak provides a guarantee of punctuality. Unlike many other transport companies, Jetpak provides an exact time, not a time interval. The service is available in many places in the Nordic region and in a large number of major cities in Europe.

Jetpak next day

When you are not in such a hurry, the option Jetpak next day is a good choice. It is a door-to-door service offered throughout the Nordic region and in many places in Europe. There are two alternatives in Sweden and in selected places in the world. Either you choose delivery before lunch or delivery before the end of the working day. It is also possible to send packages with Jetpak next day anywhere in the world, but then the transport can take a little longer.

Customer specific

Jetpak can adapt to the specific needs of different customers. This can be a tailor-made logistics chain, delivery of hot food to a school or temperature-sensitive shipping. Jetpak can even arrange for the installation of various goods at the recipient.

Track your package from Jetpak

When you book shipping with Jetpak through Shiplink, you can easily track the package through us. Go to the page track shipment and fill in your booking number. You immediately see where your package is located.

If you want, you can also track the package directly through Jetpak. Start by visiting their package tracking page found here.

There are three options for finding your package:
Enter your booking number
Enter your customer number and package number
Log in to your pages

Frequently asked questions and answers about sending packages with Jetpak

How long does the package stay with Jetpak?

If the recipient is not present, Jetpak will try to book a new time for delivery. After XX days, the package is returned to the sender if the recipient has not received it.

How long does it take to send packages with Jetpak?

Jetpak offers delivery at an exact time the same day, or the next day before lunch or before the end of the working day.

How much does it cost to send packages with Jetpak?

The price depends on whether you want the package to arrive the same day or the next day. In addition, the price depends on the weight and dimensions of the package.

How to send express shipping with Jetpak?

The easiest way to book your express shipping is via Shiplink. With us, you get a fixed price for shipping through Jetpak and other transport companies.

Updated on: 28/01/2021

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