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Send parcel with TNT

Shiplink cooperates with several shipping companies. TNT is one of those. Book shipping with TNT easy online using Shiplinks price calculator. You get a fixed price with a price guarantee. Shiplink takes care of the practicalities of booking so you can use your time for other things!

Send parcel with TNT

How to send packages with TNT

To book shipping with TNT through Shiplink, proceed as follows:
Go to our price calculator. There you get a fixed price for your shipping
Book pick-up of your shipment. We send your shipping documents by e-mail
TNT will pick up your package

It is easy to book shipping with Shiplinks shipping service. We are responsible for your shipment regardless of whether it is sent by TNT or another transport company.

Calculate the price

TNT - what is it?

TNT is a global logistics company with roots in Australia. This transport company has operations in over 200 markets and transports approximately 1 million shipments every day. TNT has around 56,000 employees worldwide. This carrier is known for its good customer support and its strong freight network in Europe. The company has been acquired by another shipping company, FedEx, and will go by the name FedEx Express in the future.

Different kinds of shipments

TNT has the following types of shipments:
Special services


Express is TNTs most popular service for sending packages, documents and pallets. The service applies not only in Sweden but throughout the world. With this service, the shipment arrives the next day, regardless of destination. Depending on the location, it is possible to order delivery before 09:00, 10:00 or 12:00. In some places, delivery takes place before 18:00. The maximum weight is 210 kg or 500 kg depending on when the shipment is to arrive at the latest.


Freight at TNT is about transporting difficult, heavy or large shipments. TNT is usually able to transport most things, regardless of size and weight. The transport takes place via air, boat and / or road transport.

Special services

To meet all the special requirements that some customers may have, TNT offers special services of various kinds. It is possible, for example, to book your own transport vehicle, charter transport flights or freight with the next departing flight. TNT can also deliver packages with dedicated courier who personally travel with the next available flight.

######Track a package through TNT
When you book shipping with TNT through Shiplink, you can easily track the package on our website. Go to the "[Shiplink Tracking](" page. There you enter your booking number and you will see where the package is located.

TNT also has its own "Track & Trace" which you can find here. There you can either enter the shipment number or your customer number. TNT then shows how far the package has come.

Package collection at TNT

Normally, TNT delivers directly to the receiving company. In some places, it is also possible to pick up the package at a TNT depot. This requires that you, as the customer, have chosen Hold For PickUp. It is possible to pick up packages at TNT's depot in Stockholm, Gothenburg, Malmö and Örebro.

You can save a lot of time and money on booking your shipping through Shiplink. We take care of the administration so you have time for other things!

Frequently asked questions and answers about sending packages with TNT

For how long time will the package remain with TNT?

When you send a package with TNT, it is delivered to the receiving company on time. If the recipient is not present, he will receive a "you were not at home" note stating how long the package remains for a new delivery attempt.

How long does it take to send packages with TNT?

The shipping company TNT has express packages that arrive the next day.

How much does it cost to send packages with TNT?

The shipping price depends on how fast the package should arrive, how big it is and how much it weighs. When you book packages with Shiplinks price calculator, you will know the price immediately.

How to send express shipping with TNT?

You can easily book express shipping with TNT by using Shiplinks price calculator or through our company account.

Updated on: 28/01/2021

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