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Send parcels to the United States

Send package to the USA

With Shiplink, companies can send packages to the US cheaply and easily with the leading freight transporters. We offer a range of flexible parcel and pallet shipping services that easily allow you to transport your goods to and from the United States.

Shiplink offers complete corporate shipping if you want to send packages to the USA. Regardless of whether you want to import or export goods, you can choose shipping service based on the shortest lead time or the lowest price. We have something for everyone! The transports are usually carried out via air freight, and we offer express freight as an alternative.

To calculate shipping price and book shipping, just visit our website. Below you can read a shorter description of our various shipping services and decide which one suits you best.
Is it complicated to book shipping to the USA? No, booking shipping to or from the USA with Shiplink is just as easy as booking domestic shipping! Just visit our booking form and you can calculate the price and book shipping in no time!

Export and import services

You can choose between our various shipping services when you import or export from the USA, based on what suits you best. Remember that we also offer services if you need want to send pallets to the USA!

Economy: Economy is our most affordable shipping service. It is perfect for you who want to send packages cheaply to the USA. Estimated delivery time is just over three days, and the service combines air and road transport to a great extent.

Express: Do you need to send packages to the USA with a short lead time? Then Express is the right service for you! With our Express Service, the delivery time is just over two days, and your shipment is transported from door to door via air.

Customs handling

Customs handling is always included in your price when you send packages to the USA with Shiplink. However, we refer to the Swedish Customs if there is any ambiguity or thoughts about customs clearance matters. Since we do not offer any service for this, it is important update yourself about customs rules . Any additional customs and VAT will be invoiced to the transport customer afterwards.

If you have any thoughts about our US freight, just contact our Customer Service and we will help you immediately!

Updated on: 01/10/2021

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