How is shipping affected by the Corona virus?

IMPORTANT! Avoid unnecessary extra costs by ensuring that you do not book shipping to or from someone who is not in place right now.

Latest news on how freight is affected by the Corona virus. We have ongoing contact with transporters and partners regarding the current situation. DHL, DSV, Bring, TNT, UPS and others.
We expect the status to change rapidly and therefore updates will be made regularly.

Domestic freight (Within Sweden)
Updated 2020-10-23 - Updated regularly

We can see slightly longer delivery times due to increased quantities of goods and increased number of notifications.
And there ca be a few days period of waiting between the cargo arriving in final terminal and receivers notification of delivery options - this is due to the large amount of home delivery.

We recommend that you estimate 1-2 days longer lead time. Since we can see delays in some of the major terminals in Sweden.

restrictions to stay att home at first sign of illness can lead to temporary delays in trasport due to lack of replacement staff on short notice

Several carriers have rolled out signature options to reduce contact.
For example, DHL offers all recipients to sign on their own paper with their own pen - the driver then takes a picture of it.
DHL, DSV, and Bring eg. has temporarily turned off options such as loading and installation.
Companys may closed its terminals in Sweden for pick-up and drop-off as needed to keep staff safe and with minimum contact

Notice! - Show consideration for drivers, they know what rules currently apply to their deliverys, keep a distance to each other and wash hands continuously.

International shipping (Within the EU, import and export)
Updated 2020-10-23- Updated regularly

Many countries in Europe have now begun work on opening up quarantine areas again. They open in stages and the carriers have now been able to start deliveries and pick-ups in areas that were previously completely closed down. Due to high demand in these areas you should expect delays. At present, it is difficult to say how much longer it will take for any specific transport.

We recommend that all customers in consideration that it may take a few days longer than normal. Also, check with your consignor or recipient in another countrys for the latest update on how Corona affects shipments to and from the local city in the country in question.

Currently there are still disturbances noted in the following countries eg. due to large amounts of cargo or canceled ferry departures etc.;

United Kingdom

For more information on a specific area, please contact Customer service.

We see that many companies are not present on a daily basis. We recommend that you consider using delivery notification more frequently than normal. As well as checking with the person(s) who will receive / send the goods according to their routines.

Delivery to agents Delivery to agents are currently operating at close to normal production

We recommend that you use home delivery in countries that have active Curfew.

International shipping (Outside the EU, import and export)
Updated2020-10-23 - Updated regularly

Freight transport to and from non-EU countries is affected by local regulations and fewer departures to and from certain countries.
Check with your consignor or recipient in another country for the latest update on how Corona affects shipments to and from the local city in the country in question.

Temporary suspension and restriction from EU to US/CA/LAC Due to transatlantic backlogs, the decision has been taken to put a temporary suspension on all economy shipments from Europe to the US, Canada and Latin America, effective June 24, 2020 until further notice.
Plus all express shipments from Europe to US/CA/LAC to a maximum of 750kg per shipper per day.

Right now we see reduced or limited transport to and from:

United States
Latin America
American Samoa
All of Asia-pacific
Cote d’Ivoire
Equatorial Guinea
French Guiana, Guadeloupe and Martinique
French Polynesia
Lao People’s Democratic Republic
Marshall Islands (the)
Micronesia (Federated States of)
New Zealand
Norfolk Island (IP)
Northern Mariana Islands (the)
Papua New Guinea
Philippines (the)
Sierra Leone
Sri Lanka
Wallis and Futuna

On April 18 & 26, China introduced new rules regarding the export of personal protection equipment (PPE) and medical equipment related to the covid-19 outbreak.
The new rules will serve as quality control of the products before export. For those who are going to transport such goods, it is now required that all documentation is completed before the transport is booked. Goods that do not have the correct certificate and paperwork will not be released by customs.
Keep in touch with your consignor in China on these issues. Right now there may be daily changes.

To ensure smooth customs export clearance from China, importers are strongly encouraged to check with their shippers in China that their export shipments of both medical and non-medical commodity export meet the regulations/guidelines imposed, prior to engaging in the export arrangement from China.

Shiplink's customer service is open as usual. Weekdays 08:00 - 17:00 via chat , phone and email. Shiplink's head office is located south of Stockholm and all staff have since moved 1.5 weeks for work from home. This is to safeguard the well-being of the employees and to secure our service to you as a customer. If you have questions or concerns about Corona and how they can affect your freight, contact customer service.

We recommend you who can work from home and avoid contact with others to reduce the spread. Wash your hands carefully and often. Take care!

This article aims to provide guidance and gather the most important and necessary information
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