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Shipping Disturbances

Current disruptions that may affect services

Published regularly in chronological order

Freights to and from Norway

The E6 is still closed at the height of Stenungsund after the landslide in October. The Swedish Transport Administration has stated that completion of the road is expected to take up to six months, and that it may also take longer when the damage is extensive and the work is affected by the season.

📌 Be on time with your deliveries. Contact us at customer service for questions about delivery times.

Affected domestic lead times

Current weather conditions are affecting lead times for domestic goods due to locally closed roads and ferry departures

Peak season before/during industrial holidays

Prepare yourself and your customers for a period of high demand with our carriers. Which locally might entail:
Longer delivery times
Later pickup
Recipients being offered home delivery later than estimated

📌 Be well in advance with your shipments and ensure that your recipients are available to receive goods. Contact our customer service for questions regarding delivery times.

Germany (also international transports)

Large-scale and nationwide strike in Germany is expected to have a major impact on local traffic. This also applies to freight transport via rail and road transport due to increased pressure on the road network. This also affects shipments that are going on to Europe and the rest of the world.

📌 Prepare yourself and the recipient for longer delivery times because of this. Contact us if you have questions or concerns.


The Transport Workers' Union in Finland continues the strike. It affects transport to and from the Finland and can also affect transport to and from neighboring countries.

📌 Prepare yourself and the recipient for longer lead times. Contact us at customer service for questions about delivery times.

DHL International System switch - 2023 and 2024

The shipping company DHL is currently carrying out a system switch that may affect the transport lead time and handling. We assess that the quality is still good, but still maintain a close dialogue and follow-up with possibly affected transports.

Chinese New Year 2023

Starts January 22 and continues until the Lantern Festival, February 5. During this period, China's manufacturing logistics and transport industries shut down. Container lines, airlines, railway operators cancel departures. Hong Kong also closes down due to holidays, but only for the period 22-25 January.

Risk of Covid outbreaks increases during this period, which may lead to further closures.

📌 When importing/exporting to China and neighboring regions, be prepared for longer lead times. Contact us at customer service if you have questions or concerns.

Before Christmas and New Year

Prepare yourself and your customers for a period of high load with our carriers. Read more here about important information, dates and tips for you who ship before, during and after Christmas and New Year.

📌 Be on time with your deliveries. Contact us at customer service for questions about delivery times.

FedEx and TNT

During six months, we have reduced the use of FedEx and TNT. The reason is technical problems with the merger of these two large carriers. We have and continue to monitor quality. We notice that it is getting better for certain areas of the world and plan to activate the carriers. This is done step by step to be able to monitor that the shipping and the technology maintain the high quality we want to offer you as a customer.

📌 Do you have questions about our partners? Do not hesitate to contact us.

Driver shortage, Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine

Continued shortage of drivers and vans generally affects everywhere. We notice a particularly large impact in Italy and Spain, which can mean up to twice as long delivery time in some areas. Even in Sweden, the lack of drivers affects freight, as well as a generally larger volume of goods, meaning a higher load on freight companies than before, which can lead to longer delivery times.

Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine continue to have consequences for freight. Some countries still have tighter restrictions due to Covid-19. While many drivers have had to return to Ukraine.

📌 Prepare your recipient - communicate with your customer before you send, that delays may occur.

Shiplink's customer service is open as usual. Mon-Thur 08.30 - 17.00, fri 08.30-16.00 via chat , phone and email. If you have questions or concerns about Corona and how they can affect your freight, contact customer service.

This article aims to provide guidance and gather the most important and necessary information

Updated on: 06/03/2024

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