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Shipping during upcoming campaign days and Christmas

Important information for you who ship during this period.

Updated 2022-12-12

Christmas 2022

The dates below indicate when your goods must be picked up at the latest to have any chance for be delivered before Christmas. All dates apply as a guide and delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

Shipping to private individuals within Sweden 🇸🇪
Package to drop off location - Friday, December 16th
Home Delivery Package - Wednesday, December 14th
Home Delivery Pallet - Thursday, December 14th

Shipping to private individuals within Europe 🌍
Package to drop off location - Friday, December 9th
Home Delivery Package - Wednesday, December 7th
Home Delivery Pallet - Wednesday, December 8th

☝️In connection with an increased number of consignments, it may become full at certain delivery points in Sweden and Europe. This means that another nearby delivery point may instead become relevant. A delivery point has a maximum capacity for handling packages. We advise our customers to inform their recipients (buyers/customers) in connection with the purchase/order, to pick up packages directly from the delivery point.

Shipping to companies within Sweden 🇸🇪
Business Package - Friday, December 16th
Stool for Business - Friday, December 16th

Shipping to companies within Europe 🌍
Business Package - Thursday, December 8th
Stool for Business - Thursday, December 8th

During the Christmas break 💤
Domestic and international shipping (Europe and the rest of the world) is affected by the Christmas holiday. During this period, there is normally less need for freight, which means fewer departures (transports).

Delivery Times
All delivery times shown at the time of booking are estimated delivery dates, but not guaranteed. Financial compensation is not possible in the event of delayed transport. Send in good time to be more certain that the goods will arrive at the right time.

Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine
Covid-19 and the war in Ukraine continue to have consequences for freight. This can mean a sudden shortage of drivers and other personnel, which in turn can affect the lead times for shipments.

Tips for upcoming holidays and campaign days

Packing materials - Do you have everything you need? Order in good time.
Checklists and routines - Create checklists in order not to miss steps in the daily work when the load increases.
Sufficient resources? - Do you have enough staff for packaging for upcoming holidays and campaign days?
Get help from your suppliers - Feel free to contact us at Shiplink for your questions or concerns, how can we make it easier for you during this period?
Increased risk of damage - In connection with increasing volumes, the risk of damage also increases. Remember not to skimp on the packaging even though there is more to do. Do you have questions about packaging or other concerns about the risk of damage? Contact our customer service.
Notification and delivery notice? - Many people work in other places and many offices close before Christmas, check if you need to make extra choices in your booking.
Unexpected on the road - A distinctive goods (e.g. stickers and tape with a logo) can make it easier for the carrier to find the goods if, for example, address labels against the assumption would be damaged. Also extra address information on e.g. packing slip on the box can also help the carrier complete the delivery if the address label is illegible.
Damaged goods - Sometimes, unfortunately, the accident happens. Then it is important that you notify Shiplink customer service within 7 days of receiving the goods.

📌 For estimated delivery date or other questions, contact Shiplinks customer service via chat, phone: 010-20 706 66 or email:

Shiplink's customer service opening hours during Christmas, New Year and Epiphany day

🟡 Dec 23: 8:30-12

🔴 Dec 24-26: closed 🎄

🟢 27-29 Dec: 8:30-17

🟡 Dec 30: 8:30-12

🔴 31 Dec-1 Jan: closed 🥂

🟢 Jan 2-4: 8:30-17

🟡 Jan 5: 8:30-12

🔴 Jan 6: closed 💤

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Updated on: 13/12/2022

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