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Personal goods types

Your own type of goods

With predetermined goods types, you do not have to manually enter the dimensions of your frequently recurring freight shipments.

Most companies have a certain number of products and types of goods that they regularly send out to their customers. For example, having to fill in these recurring goods dimensions every time you have to send pallet, will quickly become boring and time-consuming.

At Shiplink, we have counteracted this by creating the function "Goods Types". With the help of this function, you can easily save the measurements of all your different types of goods, and then sort them by your own preferred name! Follow the steps below to easily register your own types of goods. When the register is done each personal goods type can easily be accessed in the freight booking with the dimensions automatically filled in!

Log in to your Shiplink account. If you do not yet have an account, it is very quick to create here.

Open the side tab.

Click on the "Goods Types" tab in the menu on the left.

Once inside the page, click the "+Create New Goods Type" button in the top right corner of the screen to add your first freight type.

Now is the time to name your goods and give them their dimensions! Feel free to give the goods a name that is as detailed as possible so that you do not confuse it with others in the future. Also be sure to enter the correct dimensions and weight. Then press "Save".

Your type of goods is now saved in your account! The next time you place your order, you can use the feature and save time! You will find your created types of goods in the following scroll list in the freight booking.

Sort your personal goods types

It is very easy to sort the order you like to have your goods types shown in the scroll list in the freight booking.

Drag your different types of goods up or down to change the order of the row.

Press "Save rows order".

You have now changed and saved the order in which the scroll list of your own goods types will be presented in the shipping booking.

Standard personal goods type

Decide which goods type should show as default.

Under Account settingsBooking settings, you can easily choose the goods type you always want to be specified by default when making a freight booking. Even if you set a standard, you can of course change to another goods type when you book your freight.

Press "Save"

You have now chosen a personal goods type as default.

We at Shiplink are constantly developing your account and your functions to make freight booking easy and safe for you. If you want help with goods types or other functions, just contact our Customer Service.

Updated on: 24/11/2021

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