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Create your company's own personal page for tracking!

Create your company's unique page for freight tracking 📦 🔍

Your can easily and on your own use Shiplinks smart function: Personal tracking page to design and create a unique page where your customers can track their freight. This gives a professional and personal impression towards the customers, at the same time as they receive valuable information from you when the shipping is tracked. As easy as the page is created, you can with a few clicks also update the page according to season or when new products are to be marketed. The personal tracking page complements your website and provides a new level of service to your customers._

Why create a personal page for freight tracking?
Communicate campaigns and important information
Strengthen the company's message to the customer
Unified experience for the customer, from online store to tracking
Track directly from your webshop
Easily create tracking URLs based on your order number

Check out this brilliant example created by our customer Plantredo. They send hundreds of plants every week and their personal tracking page ties together their company´s profile in a nice way. Plantredo has simply added its logo, product images, chosen its background color and also added a nice "Follow us" image with a link to Instagram. In this way, they build their brand and create a distinct communication with their customers.

Do as Plantredo! Get started with your personal tracking page today.

If you have questions or concerns about your unique freight tracking page, contact our customer service._

Updated on: 22/09/2021

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