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Return of company goods from private address

Return of company goods from private address

In this article you will find information on how to send larger goods in return from private addresses.

It is possible to return larger goods/pallets from a private address, this can be solved via the company account. Provided that the sender relate to and meets the following requirements:
The goods must be easily accessible on the ground floor, without a lift or stairs, so that the driver can easily load the goods in the car.
The sender must be on site for the pick-up to be able to hand over the goods.
Please note that no approximate pick-up time can be given and the desired pick-up day cannot be guaranteed either. Delays or no pick-up are not reimbursed.
The sender must be able to print the shipping documents and attach it to the goods.
The goods must be packaged according to what the nature of the goods requires. It is always the sender's responsibility to ensure that the packaging is done correctly. The driver has no responsibility to check or "approve".
The goods must be allowed to be sent.

Return a previously booked shipping? Do this;

Log in to the company account.
Under menu selection my freights , select the booking to be sent in return.
Click on more/more options (the icon with three dots) and then click on calculate return transport .
Follow the remaining steps in the booking form and it's ready!

Otherwise you can book the shipping as usual. Even though the sender then appears as "Company address" when calculating prices.

Do you have any questions? You are always welcome to contact Shiplink's customer service. Via email, chat or by telephone 010-20 706 66.

All transports booked with Shiplink take place in accordance with current conditions.

Updated on: 22/09/2021

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