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Tracking email for recipients

Automatically send a tracking email to the recipient.

Use the free feature When should receiver email notification be sent out? You can choose whether you want to send the email immediately after you have made the booking, or when the goods have been picked up.

Set the function as follows:
Go to the Company Profile.
Just scroll down to When should receiver email notification be sent out?
You have two choices: When picked-up has taken place or When booking is performed.
Do not forget to save!

See below for what the email looks like and what is included.

The recipient quickly gets an overview of upcoming deliveries and from whom. The recipient can easily track and track the shipping.

Add email for tracking to the recipient - Add the feature by adding an email to the recipient in step two when booking a shipment. The email is sent to the recipient when the shipping has been picked up.
Language in the email - Recipients outside Sweden automatically receive the email in English. Recipients within Sweden receive the email in Swedish.

Updated on: 23/08/2021

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