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Smart user settings and functions

Smart user settings and functions

With a Shiplink account, you gain access to smooth functions and clever account settings that will further facilitate your shipping. With minimal effort, you save time that you can spend on other important (or fun) things.

Among other things, you can:
Specify a default sender - The sender is automatically filled in when you start a booking.
Specify default cargo type - Package or pallet, as well as dimensions and weight, are automatically filled in when making a booking.
Pre-filled email address for shipping documents - Decide which email to send the shipping label and manifest to.
Default selection for cargo insurance - Choose the amount or opt-out of cargo insurance automatically.
The account contains several features and settings, small but together optimizing and taking shipping bookings to a new level.

➜ Create your own Shiplink account here!
➜ Curious about how to use Shiplink, contact customer service here.

Updated on: 13/06/2024

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