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What to consider before booking export freight

Prior to exporting goods

When you export goods outside the EU, you as the sender have a responsibility to know the laws and regulations that apply to exports. For example, there may be a ban on sending a certain type of goods to a certain country.

The Swedish Customs is the authority that will handle the actual clearance of your goods and they will help you a lot along the way, but they can also refer you to if this is the first time you are going to export.
It is an information page for companies that is run by several different authorities and is there to give you all the information you as an entrepreneur need, in one place.

Prior to booking a freight with us to a company outside the EU, recommends you to have the following steps sorted:

Eori number

To be allowed to export to countries outside the EU, your company must be included in the EU's register of economic operators and have an Eori number. Eori stands for Economic Operator Registration and Identification. You apply for an Eori number free of charge at

Know the requirements for your product in the country you are exporting it to.

It can e.g. require a specific control and testing, and/or marking can be required for your product.

Know if there are Export Restrictions in Sweden for your item

For example, you may need to apply for a permit to export a certain type of product

Classify your goods

When exporting, you must have a product code for each type of item you send. You find information about it via the Swedish customs and can either search directly in The Customs Tariff or call Customs and ask for help with this at +46(0)771 520 520

When you know all of the above, the Commercial Invoice and Proforma Invoice is the basis used to make the actual export declaration and what we will need from you in connection with your booking. Since it is your responsibility as the sender, even if the freight company makes the actual export declaration for you, it is important that you fill in everything correctly on the invoice. The invoice must be formulated according to the requirements in the country where the goods are going to. And written in English. But regardless, there are certain points that should always be on the invoice.

Read more about commerical invoice here

Watch the Swedish Customs' introduction video about the process of exporting

Watch the Swedish Customs' introduction video about the process of exporting

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Updated on: 17/09/2021

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