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Incoterms 2020

What is incoterms 2020?
Incoterms 2020 is an international standard for delivery terms. Produced to clarify who is responsible for the goods during transport and when the risk and cost are transferred from the seller to the buyer. By referring to these rules, sellers, buyers, exporters and importers can avoid unnecessary and expensive misunderstandings.

Why is it important?
In addition to making it easier for sellers and buyers to understand who bears responsibility and costs, the rules are adapted to be used on the national market to make it easier for customs, authorities and carriers regardless of where in the world the goods/product or the item is going. You simply speak the same language to make it easier for everyone involved, regardless of country.

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When should Incoterms 2020 be used?
When shipping products, goods and other goods to and from countries that are not members of the EU. We make it easier for you by entering it directly in step 2 of the shipping booking. In this way, the code accompanies the shipment right from the start. Easier for all parties involved.

☝️ Important not to confuse Incoterms with Combiterms and RAFTD

What do the codes mean?
You can find good information about Incoterms 2020 at Business Swedens and a good and clear explanation of each code can be found at IF

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Updated on: 17/02/2023

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