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Our responsibility and support

Shiplink supports WWF, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Childhood Cancer Foundation and My Big Day
We believe that everyone has a responsibility when it comes to caring for the planet and its people. To pull our weight, we choose to support the WWF World Wide Fund for Nature, the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, the Childhood Cancer Foundation and My Big Day in their work for a better world for all.


The World Wide Fund for Nature WWF organizes around 100 important nature conservation projects worldwide. As an independent organization, they are completely dependent on donations in their work for, among other things, endangered animals, depleted seas and devastated forests.

** Support WWF by becoming a Friend Company here!

The Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

Naturskyddsföreningen fights for the earth to be as fantastic for our children as for us. The work is aimed at different areas, such as: the forest, the sea and the climate.

** Support Naturskyddsföreningen here!

Childhood Cancer Foundation

The Childhood Cancer Foundation works to fight childhood cancer and ensure that affected children and their parents receive the care and support they need. Today, 85% of those affected survive, but that is not enough. We do not give up until all children survive, children and cancer do not belong together!

** Click here to become a Childhood Supporter you too!

Min Stora Dag

Min Stora Dag creates joyful experiences for children with serious illnesses and diagnoses. A Big Day gives strength to continue fighting in a tough everyday life. Support our work and give a gift this Christmas that spreads extra joy!

** Support Min Stora Dag with a gift here!

Everyone can participate and make a difference!

Climate-compensated shipping

To make even more use and to reduce the climate impact, all freight booked with Shiplink is 100% climate compensated. Climate compensation means that you finance a measure outside your own business. This measure will lead to a reduction in emissions that is equal to the emissions that are compensated for.

We have developed a seal for you who use Shiplink's shipping services. If you want to use Shiplink's seal for 100% climate - compensated shipping on your website or in printed matter, it is available to download, click here.

** If you want to know more, please click here where we tell you more about climate-compensated shipping and our collaboration with Atmoz Consulting
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