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Swedens largest mosaic wholesaler reveals their shipping strategy

Swedens largest mosaic wholesaler reveals their shipping strategy

Mosaic Sweden is one of Swedens leading wholesalers of mosaics. For the past three years, they have worked out an unbeatable strategy for their transports within Sweden and Europe. Now they share how they keep their costs down and offer fantastic shipping to both customers and retailers.

For over seven years, Mosaic Sweden has worked towards the Swedish and European markets as a wholesaler of mosaics. During their journey, the transport issue has been a recurring problem.

Shipping has always been something of a problem area for our business. I believe that many people recognize themselves in the confusion and uncertainty that can arise during the process of booking freight. You do not really know where to turn or which carrier is best suited for your business, says Emelie, owner of Mosaic Sweden

- We noticed that the transport issue affected us more than we first thought. In many cases, the transports could give our customers a wrong picture of our company, and what we stand for. Therefore, we started looking around for an alternative player that could help us develop a strategy for our freight. That was when we found Shiplink , which has since then had full responsibility for our transports.

Shiplink offers a complete shipping solution for companies of all sizes, and Emelie thinks that the service has had a positive impact on their business.

- Since we came in contact with Shiplink, they have simplified our entire transport process. We now spend less time on our freight, but get better results. We even get praise from customers and retailers who think that our shipping works very well, which is great fun.

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Emelie believes that simplicity is what distinguishes Shiplink from other freight services on the market.

- Since the first day, Shiplink has always been easy for us to use. Whether it's about calculating the price on their website, or discussing transport strategies with customer service, it is always quick and easy to get an answer. This has helped us make the right choice but also saved us a lot of money. I usually joke that Shiplink is our very own "small logistics department".

We do not bother about things unnecessarily. We take help from Shiplink to get an overview of our freight and make the decisions that make our customers happy, says Emelie, owner of Mosaic Sweden

Mosaic Sweden transports heavy and fragile goods, which makes the packaging incredibly important. Emelie thinks that the most important thing when it comes to packaging is to take help from other peoples knowledge.

- For us, it has not been easy to solve the packaging issue and it took a long time before we found the packaging structure that we use today. The best tip I can give to others who find the packaging issue tricky is to get outside help . We have discussed this a lot with both Shiplink and our packaging wholesaler, which has meant that we have found a solution that is both cost-effective and minimizes the damage to our transports.

Want to know more about Shiplink or get help with your shipping and shipping strategy? Contact customer service tel. 010-20 706 66 or go on to Shiplink here.

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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