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Invalid and unauthorized goods

Invalid and unauthorized goods

The list below applies regardless of whether you are included in our insurance or not. Shiplink can therefore not compensate in the event of damage or loss in connection with you sending unauthorized goods. Complete transport terms can be found here.

If you have more questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Service.

Invalid goods with exceptions Important information

The following types of content may be sent but at your own risk, they are considered not permitted goods according to the law of transport NSAB and our insurer. This means that no compensation takes place in the event of damage or loss. If goods get stuck in control at the terminal due to that the contents are classified as invalid goods, transport and additional costs will accrue to the freight payer.

Living plants
Antiques, art, paintings, collectibles and auction items
Temperature sensitive goods
Fresh produce and food
Alcoholic liquids with (up to 24% alcohol)
Personal belongings

When transporting the above, we recommend that you take out your own transport insurance with your insurance company. Do you have more questions or concerns. Contact Shiplink or your insurance company. Read more about compensation,basic coverage and goods insurance here.

Invalid and unauthorized goods Important information

Below types of content must absolutely not occur in our handling. Should these appear in the shipment, transport and additional costs will accrue to you as sent. In the event of damage due to unauthorized content, prosecution or claims for damages are brought.

Vape products /Electronic cigarettes and accessories (2021-03-01)
Dangerous goods, waste - flammable or explosive goods or other goods that risk having a detrimental effect on property,
people or the environment or other goods that constitute dangerous goods according to IATA-DGR/ADR/RID /IMDG or equivalent regulation
Batteries are hazardous materials if the shipment is transported by airplane. This includes loose batteries and batteries mounted in equipment.
Gold, silver or other valuable materials or valuable jewelry and watches - valuable metals, precious stones, industrial diamonds
Currencies, cash, coins, banknotes, securities or equivalent - passports, other marketable documents or valid valuable document - credit or debit cards
Weapons, weapon parts and ammunition
Narcotics, drugs, or medications
Pornographic material
Pirated copies and forgery/falsification
Illegal goods such as ivory, fur and endangered animal products
Goods for which legal restrictions apply for import or export from Sweden or domestically
Stolen goods
Living or dead animals and insects
Human remains including ashes
Alcoholic liquids with (over 24% alcohol in)
Computers / electronics with batteries must not be used in transport by air. Then the contents are classified as dangerous goods.

If you have more questions or concerns, please contact our customer service: +46 10 20 706 66. We're available monday to friday 08:30-17.00.
We disclaim all liability for invalid and unauthorized goods. Invalid and unauthorized goods means goods that contain any of what is listed above, or otherwise such goods which according to the Freight Forwarder's Applicable Terms are invalid goods or which otherwise require a special procedure or agreement.

All transports are performed in accordance with our terms of assignment and personal data is processed in accordance with our GDPR policy.

This article aims to act as a guide and gather the most important and necessary information. We reserve the right to amend any clerical errors.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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