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Checklist delivery terms to customer

Checklist - Review your delivery terms

We have gathered important points that can be good for you to review to avoid angry customers and financial losses.

Delivery terms regulate what you and your customer have agreed should apply to delivery, and many companies have no idea how important this is. We always recommend consulting these issues with your insurance company or another specialist in the field. Below are important points to reconcile. You should include these in your terms.

Terms of delivery, Incoterms - At least on the invoice, Incoterms must appear. Examples of these are DAP, DDP, DDU or similar. There are many but a few are used for regular domestic transport. These regulate who is responsible for which part of the transport chain.

Damage or loss - How should you handle a case where the goods are damaged or lost. This creates clarity for your customer and how you should handle this internally.

Transport insurance - It is very important to ask yourself whether you are in need of a transport insurance or not. All transports usually include a basic insurance in the event of damage or loss. This is often weight-limited, so it is important to review your products and values ​​to see if you should procure your own transport insurance with your insurance company or buy when needed. Shiplink offers a simple and flexible transport insurance to add as an option per transport.

Delivery time - In general, transports have a schedule for delivery. These are not guaranteed as there may be deviations that do not provide any financial compensation. For example, minor deviations such as incorrect sorting, broken truck, more goods than normal or simply a driver who has fallen ill. But even weather and traffic can sometimes make up for it. Of course, this is something everyone tries to avoid as far as possible, but it is still important that it is highlighted in your terms.

This checklist is intended to provide guidance on some important points we believe there are often misunderstandings about. It is always important to consult a specialist in the field.

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Updated on: 17/09/2021

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