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Basic coverage, goods insurance & compensation

Goods insurance, basic coverage and compensation

Preventing of damage/claims cases, is primarily done by packaging correctly. But unfortunately it still happens that some goods are damaged or misplaced during the transport handling. In that case, there is a possibility to be financially reimbursed.

The amount of the financial compensation depends on several things. Among other things, the weight of the goods, the value of the goods and whether it is insured or not. But it is very important to know that there are responsibilities that you always must follow to be compensated: package according to what the content requires, send goods that are classified as allowed, save a signed consignment note and also review the exterior packaging upon delivery. You can read more about the requirements below.

⬇️ Download our PDF on Basic Protection and Goods Insurance - Print out and hang it where you pack your goods, then everyone can take part the information.

What is basic coverage?

If you have done what is your responsibility, your goods are covered by a basic coverage. You could say it is a type of general insurance. Where the compensation is based on the weight (what the goods weigh) and not the value (what the goods are actually worth).

The compensation level for domestic transport is SEK 150 / kg. The compensation amount and the obligations you must comply with are set and based by NSAB (Nordiskt Speditörsförbunds Allmänna Bestämmelser) and also The Act on Domestic Transport. Shiplink and the carriers we work with comply with these agreements and laws. It is good to know that the terms are not unique to Shiplink, it applies regardless of which carrier you choose. More about Shiplink's cost liability in the event of damage to or loss of goods is limited to what is stated in point 9 of the General Terms and Conditions. Regarding international transport, it is complicated to state a general level of compensation. Due to that the compensation varies depending on the type of transport (there must be a case to calculate the compensation).

Example 1 - Basic coverage
If you send an item that weighs 1 kg and is worth SEK 150 (and have followed your responsibilities), your compensation will be SEK 150. The compensation (SEK 150) is based on the weight ( 1 kg).

Example 2 - Basic coverage
If you send an item that weighs 1 kg and is worth SEK 15 000 (and have followed your responsibilities), your compensation for this example will also be SEK 150. The compensation will be low in relation to the value of the product. Since it is the weight (1 kg) that determines what the compensation (SEK 150) will be.

To prevent dull and unexpected costs, it is possible to insure your goods for transportation.

What is a product insurance?

Always make an assessment if you need to insure your freight, especially when it comes to goods with low weight and high value. You can book a meeting to discuss with your own insurance company about goods insurance, or choose to have your shipment included in Shiplinks goods insurance when you book your freight on This is easily done during the third step in the freight booking. Your goods are then (provided you have done what is your responsibility) included in our insurance with our insurer IF Skadeförsäkring.

There are three price levels depending on the value of the goods: either you insure up to SEK 30 000 (costs SEK 75/booking and deductible amount of SEK 500), up to SEK 80 000 (costs SEK 225/booking and deductible amount of SEK 1500) or up to SEK 200 000 (costs SEK 695/booking and deductible amount of SEK 2000). It is of course optional to add the goods insurance when you book with Shiplink. The cost is a one-time fee that refers to the particular shipment with the unique booking number you will be assigned at the time of booking. The deductible amount ( SEK 500, SEK 1500 and SEK 2000) is paid only when the complaint is approved and compensation is paid.

Example 1 - Goods insurance
When you choose to be included in Shiplink's insurance and send an item that weighs 1 kg and is worth SEK 150 (and have followed your responsibilities). Then the compensation in this example will also be SEK 150 as it is based on the product's value.

Example 2 - Goods insurance
When you choose to be included in Shiplink's insurance and send an item that weighs 1 kg and has a high value, SEK 15 000 (and have followed your responsibilities), the compensation will be SEK 15 000. The reason that the compensation will be higher than with the basic coverage, is because you are included in the goods insurance and then the compensation is based on the goods' value.

Although we at Shiplink always would like that our customers freight are insured, you have to consider whether it is worth the cost.

☝️ Important! Goods insurance is not a substitute to, for example not packaging according to the needs of the content. With goods insurance, you still have to fulfill your responsibilities, see the points below. If you do not fulfill your responsibilities, the compensation may not be paid. And it is not possible to receive a higher amount of compensation than the value of the goods.

What responsibilities you must follow as a freight booker

Package correctly and according to the contents. Every item has different needs for packaging. Become a packing professional, read this article.
Keep track of whether your goods are allowed or unauthorized goods. What is allowed and not allowed? Click here.
Make sure the driver signs your consignment list - no exceptions. This is your proof that the goods have been picked up. More about this and other things to think about as a sender can be found here.
Record damage upon delivery. If damage to the outer packaging is discovered upon delivery, the recipient must note damage with a signature on the receipt. How and what to write you can read more about here.
Concealed damage. Damage to the content must be reported to Shiplink's customer service within 7 days from the delivery date.

👀 Are you looking for how and where you can file a claims case? Here you will find that information.

👍 Do you have a business account? If so you can specify a standard choice for goods insurance . Which means that you can choose whether you always want Shiplink's product insurance included in your shipping or not. The setting can be found under Account settings> booking settings in your account.

Questions and answers

Do I have to have a company account to be included in Shiplink's insurance?
No, an account is not required to be included in Shiplink's product insurance. The account makes it easier for you, but you do not need an account to book freight with Shiplink.

Do I need to pack the contents when I am included in your insurance?
Yes, you need it for the content to handle the transport, you want to understand that the recipient should be able to use the content. Good to know is that if the content is not well enough packaged and protected, compensation may not be forthcoming.

How does a claims case work?
Here is a good article you can read about how to create a complaint case. Click on this link.

Do not hesitate to contact Shiplinks customer service via chat on, email: or phone: 010-20 706 66. We have a complaints department with a lot of experience and knowledge and we are very happy to help you look at your entire chain, everything from packaging, content and insurance to what your recipients can do so that you can transport safely and easily.

Updated on: 27/06/2022

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