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Is the goods stackable?

Yes, it is stackable
In order for your goods to be considered stackable, it must meet the following requirements;
The stool must be complete and stable.
Be flat and evenly packed at the top.
Other goods, up to 400kg, must be able to be stacked on top.
The goods must be anchored and fastened to the pallet.

Not stackable
Means that your goods will not be stacked with other goods. Neither on nor below. This is necessary if the goods do not meet the above requirements. The entire pallet space for your goods is thus booked. It is always important that the goods are properly attached and anchored to the pallet to avoid damage or loss.

Bottles and glasses on pallets should be booked as non-stackable.

Incorrect indication of whether the goods can be stacked or not can entail extra costs.

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