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Packaging [GUIDE] - All about packaging

Packaging [GUIDE] - All about packaging

In collaboration with Shiplink's complaints department, here you will find tips and advice on how to package your goods in a safe and smart way.

Time to send parcel? Keep in mind that your goods travel through terminals where over 40,000 packages and pallets are processed every day by both people and machines.

A solid packaging is therefore a must for your goods to arrive completely and safely - on time. To make it easier for your shipping, we have compiled a number of tricks to help you pack smarter!

Adapt your packaging to the goods

The most common mistake made when packing is to use boxes that are too large without filling the empty space. When you put your goods in its box, it is important that it does not slide around when moving. It should also not touch the walls of the box, as it increases the risk of injury. This is counteracted in the best way by wrapping the goods in plastic, corrugated cardboard or with the help of filling material. Fill the box with shock-resistant material, such as cardboard, expanded polystyrene foam (Styrofoam) or bubble wrap to make it as compact as possible. Make sure that the goods rest on the filling and that it is applied to all the walls of the box.

If the goods are already in a box, you can wrap it in corrugated cardboard to avoid using another package. Wrap the goods in several layers of corrugated cardboard to reduce the risk of impact. Also apply edge protection to your shipment to make it as durable as possible. A good rule of thumb is to make the inside of the package soft to dampen shocks, and the outside hard to avoid squeezing.

When transporting liquids, you must be extra careful with the packaging. A small leak can quickly destroy both your own and others' belongings. To counteract this, you should transport all your liquid goods in a waterproof plastic seal. You can also wrap the goods in paper before you close it with plastic, the paper will help to absorb liquid in the event of a leak.

Take advice from your packaging supplier

Who knows packaging best if not your own packaging supplier? Their expertise is a great resource where you can get tips on materials and equipment adapted to your particular goods. Most suppliers are very accommodating and eager to provide you with the best possible service!

We at Shiplink can also provide information and advice if you have any thoughts regarding the packaging of your goods. Do not hesitate to contact our customer service to talk to our shipping experts.

Do not skimp on the packaging material

We all want to minimize our costs. But it is not always the seemingly cheapest option that gives you the lowest total price in the end.

It can be tempting to buy larger volumes of boxes in the same dimensions, in order to get a cheaper price. However, it becomes problematic when the goods you transport change in size. Mismatched box sizes can lead to damaged goods, which in turn can lead to replacement costs.

Buy your boxes in smaller quantities, preferably one box size for each version of your goods. This can is something that can make you earn more in the long run.

Packaging stock

Make sure you have the following equipment at your disposal to pack as smoothly as possible!

Wrapping blade knife An easy-to-handle knife adapted for cutting plastic and cardboard.
Filling material Expanded polystyrene foam (Styrofoam), bubble wrap, air cushions, newspaper balls, etc. Fill your boxes with soft material to reduce shocks on your goods.
Edge protection Stabilize your drawers with edge protection.
Cooling boxes & cooling elements When transporting temperature-sensitive goods, it is important to pack it in a cooling box with any cooling elements.
Drawers Acquire drawers of different sizes to adapt the space for different types of goods.
Pallets Feel free to buy used pallets to minimize the environmental impact.
Packing straps Use the straps to keep your goods stable on the pallet.
Plastic roll Perfect for wrapping your goods. Also works great to use on the outside of larger boxes and packages for increased stability.
Tape Feel free to buy a robust tape holder to facilitate packaging.
Corrugated cardboard roll Perfect for wrapping pre-packaged goods and stabilizing pallet shipments.

For questions regarding packaging or anything else, contact our customer service and we will help you!

Updated on: 20/04/2021

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