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Tracing of lost goods

If goods gets lost

In the enormous flow of goods that are transported daily in Sweden and around the world, it can happen that goods get lost. In this text, we go through what may be the cause, and how Shiplink in dialogue with the carrier works to find lost goods as quickly as possible.

Since goods are often transported via multiple terminals, all of which handle thousands of shipments, it can sometimes take time to find goods that have been lost. Especially during periods when the pressure is higher than normal, such as during holidays or vacations. However, in most cases the goods will be found quickly.

Why is tracing of lost goods needed and how does it work?

We keep track of ongoing transports. If we discover that the status of the goods is not updated, we contact the carrier and ask them to check. If the carrier does not find the goods, a tracing of lost goods is started. Reasons to why the goods lack status can be:
Missed scanning.
Incorrect scanning due to the barcode being broken or unreadable.
Wrong sorting.
The goods have lost or are missing labels.
The goods have been sent away but the digital information has not been sent.
The driver does not have a PDA, which leads to delayed status.

We contact the sender and ask for a description of the goods. All details about size, color and shape can be helpful to find the goods as quickly as possible. Information that can help with the identification can be:
What the packaging looks like. For example, color, pattern, logos, stickers, etc.
What type of seal was used. For example tape, PET tape, steel tape etc.
Content and estimated value (in SEK).
Pick-up receipt: the drivers signature on the consignment list upon collection. Read more here.

When we have received a clear description, we notify the carrier and then they will physically search for the goods. While a case is open with us, we check the status on an ongoing basis with the carrier.

In most cases, the goods will be found quickly and delivered to the recipient. Should it be delayed and the goods can not be found, after 60 days one has the right to demand compensation for the goods and transport. Which is based by law.

Advice from customer service - Make your goods unique with simple means. As the terminals are constantly heavily loaded with the amount of goods, it is always good to mark your goods clearly. The most common goods description we receive is: Brown cardboard with transparent tape. Which does not sticker out. Feel free to use colorful tape with a logo, stickers and other unique details that distinguish your goods from others. The packaging should be branding your company - but also to help the search at the terminal! If bad luck arises and your goods get lost, it can be easier to find and the process will go faster!

If you have any questions. You are always welcome to contact customer service directly in the chat, via email or phone!

Updated on: 19/09/2022

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