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Important to keep in mind for you as the sender

Things to keep in mind - as a sender

Important points for you to keep in mind as a sender! 🚛

Please note that Shiplink is only a shipping service for companies and corporate goods

Pick-up at a staffed company Extra important
Our partners and carriers can only carry out collection at manned company addresses. This means that the senders address must be staffed, easy to reach, and signposted.
See common examples below;

Private address villa - This address works if the address is staffed during office hours. A sign with the sender's company name is suitable to put up for convenience.

Apartment in apartment building - This address can be tricky even though the company is registered there and staffed. We can not guarantee that the pick-up will be possible on the same day as booked. Feel free to check with our customer service before booking and we can assess if you can use the service.

Basement - This type of address requires clear signage and directions in connection with the driver arriving at the pick-up point. Feel free to check with our customer service before booking and we can assess if you can use the service.

Time for your pick-up Extra important
Pick-up takes place between 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM weekdays. However, most common between 12 noon - 5 PM.

Signs at the pick-up Extra important
To enable a smooth collection, it is important that it is clearly signposted with the company name at the address. The driver is not always able to call when picked up due to lack of time or lack of telephone number to the appropriate contact person.

Receipt in connection with collection Extra important
When picking up, the driver must sign the consignment list. It is your acknowledgment that the goods have been handed over to a third party. The receipt is important in case of loss of goods, so always save the receipt. Without a signed receipt, no compensation will be paid for lost goods. This applies to all carriers, with the exception for PostNord.

Get in touch in connection with the pick-up
If you wish to be called in connection with the collection, we ask you to contact customer service with your booking number after booking.

Pick-up does not include carrying assistance
The driver comes with the necessary aids to get your goods on board. Carrying assistance in, for example, stairs, lifts or to another place at the address is not included in the service.

Possible missed pick-up
In the event of a missed pick-up, the pick-up will be rebooked until the next day, or another day that suits the sender. The chosen date for collection is not guaranteed as it may be affected by external factors. We and our drivers work hard to meet your request for a pick-up date. If your booking is missed, we will contact you the next day to book a new pick-up. It is also possible to notify this to our customer service via email, telephone or chat.

Delivery to a company address Very important
When the recipient is a company, you must enter a company name. If it is a sole proprietorship, the full company name must be stated, eg. "Lucas Anderssonsole proprietorship" to avoid additional fees. In order for it to be counted as a business address, the address must be staffed during office hours and the recipient's name must be clearly signposted so that the driver can easily find it. See examples below of existing addresses;

Sender's responsibility
In addition to the above points, it is the sender's responsibility that the correct driver (correct carrier) receives the correct goods to be picked up by that particular carrier.

Any additional fees in connection with collection can be found in the following help article: Post-debit & costs

Do you have questions or thoughts about pick-up or anything else? Contact our customer service!

All transports are performed in accordance with our terms of assignment and personal data is processed in accordance with our GDPR policy.

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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