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Calculate price and book (detailed guide)

Calculate price and book (detailed guide)

Here we show you how to easily book shipping with Shiplink. Our prices are always guaranteed and you avoid cumbersome shipping agreements.

Do you want to send package with Shiplink but do not really know how to start? No danger. In this guide, we go step-by-step through the entire booking process, so you can easily book shipping on your own.

Which transport services can I calculate the price of? You can calculate the price of all Shiplink's shipping services. We offer complete package and pallet shipping to companies and individuals within Sweden or the rest of the world.

Step 1 - Enter price calculation information

Start by clicking on our booking form. There you can [book shipping] ( with Shiplink around the clock, every day of the year. In the first step, enter the postal code of the sender and recipient. Also check if the recipient is a company or an individual.

Then enter the weight and dimensions of the goods you are to send, including any pallet and packaging.
As a rule, enter the longest measure as length. Enter value in centimeters.

Press the plus button to add a row to calculate the price of another package. If you are adding an item with the same dimensions, use Copy to move faster.

Step 2 - Choice of shipping service

Click the Calculate Shipping Price button to view available shipping services.

As we are a business service, the price is always stated excluding VAT. To select shipping service, click on the name or the Select button.

Step 3 - Add any options

Make your order as personal as possible by adding options. The optional range varies depending on which shipping service you use. Read more about the meaning of the different options [here] (

Step 4 - Fill in pick-up and delivery addresses

Provide both the sender's and recipient's details.

Note that you can fill in a reference field. The reference you enter there will, among other things, be included in your invoice, to facilitate the administrative work.

Step 5 - Insure your goods

We always recommend our customers to insure their shipping. Depending on the goods' cost of goods, you can insure your shipping for a value of up to SEK 150,000. In other respects, our basic insurance terms and conditions apply. Read more about them under our agreements.

Once you have chosen your insurance, you will receive your total price excluding VAT. Place your order in the shopping cart and do something fun with all the time you have saved!

If there are any questions or concerns about our shipping services or anything else, just contact our customer service.

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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