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Register a complaint

Reporting of damage or loss

Here we go through how a complaint case is registered and handled. You also get tips on how you should act to make the handling time as fast and efficient as possible.

How long does a complaint take? After a case has a complete basis, the handling takes approx. 1-6 weeks, depending on the complexity of the case. In some cases, it may go faster or take longer. If you have an insurance, the handling is generally faster.

In case of damage or loss

When you receive goods that are visibly damaged, this must be noted immediately when you receive your goods. Enter Damaged where you sign. If it is a hidden damage, this must be reported to us via the complaint registration no later than 7 days after receiving the goods. Without reporting within this period, your complaint may be denied.

To register your complaint, click here.

Step by step registering a complaint

Start the registration by first entering your booking number. You can find it on in your Shiplink-account or on your booking confirmation.
Choose whether to report Damage or Loss.
Enter your contact information.
Clearly describe how the goods were packaged. In case of loss, state a clear description of the packaging. In case of damage, provide as much information as possible. Include all possible details that may be of importance. For example, the packaging material, use of corner protection, and more. This affects the time for handling complaints.
Enter the extent of the damage - defined to the value of the item. Meaning, carefully define exactly what was damaged during the shipping. For example, if you have transported 10 chairs and only one chair leg has broken, state this clearly. In case of loss, enter "Loss".
Give a short description of the goods. Do not mention product names or the like, but describe the type of product that was sent.
Indicate if it is possible to repair the product and an estimated cost of this.
Enter the value for the extent of the damage.
Attach pictures that demonstrate the damage. Feel free to combine overall photos and close-ups so that an outsider can form an opinion.
Attach documents proving the value of the item. If the shipment was sent from you to your customer, we will register the complaint to your customer invoice. If the shipment is sent from your supplier to you, we will reimburse your purchase value based on purchase invoice / trade invoice. If you do not have a basis for value when registering your complaint, you can complete it at a later time to When doing so, don't forget to state your booking number.
How often do I receive updates of my case? We will update you as soon as we have valuable information or questions about the handling of the case.

For questions, contact our complaints department at and state your booking number.

Updated on: 10/08/2021

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