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What should be noted upon delivery?

What should be noted on a delivery?

When delivering and receiving a shipment, it is the recipient's responsibility to check the delivery. Check for external visible damage and if the shipment is complete.

A receipt with only your name means that you certify that the shipment has been delivered to your satisfaction in good condition and is complete. The information below is applied by all carriers and must always be followed, regardless of what individual drivers announce. Therefore, learn your obligations and you will save both time and money for your company!

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Upon delivery

Visible damage
If the shipment has clear damage upon delivery, this must be noted immediately. You do this on the driver's PDA or on a physical document. If you are unsure, take note rather than not doing so. See examples of listing at the bottom of the article

Correct number of packages received?
Always check that you have received all the packages in your shipment. Ask the driver to show in his PDA, or on a physical document, how many packages the shipment contains. If the delivery is incomplete, it is your duty to note this on the receipt. Then contact your sender, or the person responsible for the transport, and inform that you received an incomplete delivery and that a listing has been made.

If there is no listing in the event of visible damage or missing packages, you risk missing compensation.

When unpacking

Visible damage
Does the shipment have visible damage? Photograph and document the damage before you start unpacking. You can do this when the driver has moved on and you have left a note of visible damage. Pack up the goods and document continuously with photos. Then send the pictures to your sender or the person responsible for shipping.

Concealed damages
In case of concealed damage, follow the same process as for visible ones. Photograph and document the damage as soon as it is detected. Concealed damage must be reported to us no later than 7 days after delivery.

Lack of documentation risk non-compensation. In the event of a complaint, it is the person who buys the transport's obligation to present evidence that proves that damage has occurred due to deviating handling of goods. In accordance with the applicable conditions for all carriers and the NSAB regulations.
Tip! - Photograph some examples of your packaged shipments. Inside and out. The pictures can be used for all your complaints to demonstrate your knowledge of how to package. It can save you time and money!
Shiplink is here to help you! Our complaints department works daily to inform and educate customers in how to prevent injuries. Do you have questions about packaging, or other thoughts? Contact our customer service or the complaints department at

The purpose of this article is to guide people who receive and send shipments. For more detailed information, we refer to the company you hire for your transports.

Updated on: 11/02/2022

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