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Send fragile goods

How to send fragile goods to avoid damage

Send fragile goods

** How to send fragile goods?

Sending fragile goods can feel complicated, time consuming and not least expensive. Below we describe what you need to keep in mind when sending fragile goods by regular freight transport. Within Sweden and the world.

Should I use stickers for fragile goods?
Regardless of whether your goods are to be transported within Sweden or abroad, more than 50% of the package's travel takes place without a person being involved. This is to increase efficiency and keep costs down. Packages sorted entirely by machines on conveyor belts. We recommend you to use stickers for fragile goods for the part that is handled manually. However, it remains the sender's responsibility to pack enough.

How should I pack my fragile goods?
Of course, it depends on how sensitive it is, but as a rule, the goods should not hit the outer edges of the box. Content should not clash either. The carton should be able to be stacked in a cage with other goods and handle its own weight from above.

Our best tips to avoid injuries
Take a few extra minutes to think through the packaging and decide on a routine for how it should be handled. It will ultimately save you an incredible amount of money. Feel free to document some packages as examples that can be used in the event of damage caused by the carrier. We recommend that you invite a local packaging wholesaler. They are often very knowledgeable and able to give good advice on how to pack well but at the same time keep costs down.

Shiplink helps you as a company to send fragile goods more easily and faster. Regardless of whether you should send packages or whether you should [send pallets, full pallets or half pallets] ( / send-stool /). Shiplink can also help your company to send air freight or express freight.

Our complaints department is not a regular department for complaints. We handle damages and complaints, but we also work preventively with you as a customer. How? we work with advice and recommendations. Our customers send in documentation and questions which we then answer and are helped to come up with good solutions for how our customers should send their products. We call this a modern department for complaints. You can reach us at

Feel free to contact customer service if you have more questions! Tel. 010-20 706 66 or

Example of goods to be loaded on a terminal and transported

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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