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Complete General Terms and Conditions

In order for a shipment to go right, it is important that both sender and recipient agree and are aware of the conditions that apply.

Before you place your order on Shiplink, it is important that you know the conditions that apply. The general terms and conditions are there to make your shipping as safe as possible. When you know the general conditions, you eliminate negative surprises and the shipping is made easier for everyone.

Do the general terms and conditions apply to all orders? Yes, that's right. When you add your goods to the shopping cart, you also agree that the general terms and conditions of assignment are applied.

The general terms and conditions are binding and apply as a starting point in the event of a dispute. It is therefore important that you as a customer read them carefully, to counteract any misunderstandings or problems. Here you will find our ** General Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions or concerns, just contact our customer service.
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