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Complaint in case of damage or loss [GUIDE]

When something happens

It's never fun when something breaks or disappears. But if that happens, there is still a lot we can do to fix it.
That's what a complaint is for.
When you report a complaint to us, we collect all material and examine whether you have the opportunity to receive compensation for the damage or loss.

The basic protection

Whether you have the option of compensation or not depends on the rules that form the basis for what we call Basic coverage .
All transports you book with us have a basic coverage if something happens. Provided that you meet the conditions in our terms and conditions:
The goods must be a valid type of goods Read more here
The goods must be properly packed for transport Read more here
The goods must be marked with the correct labels

Damage to be noted upon receipt

What should you do first?

If something has happened, it is important to be quick to note the damage.
If there is a defect that is visible/can be suspected when you receive the goods, you must immediately write "damage" or "package missing" when you sign for the goods. Read more about what to write when you receive goods: Tips: We have a good checklist to download and share with colleagues and customers, follow the link above.

If you see any tear, opening, tear, pressure or moisture on the packaging when you receive it, you should note this in writing when you sign for the goods.
If nothing is visible / can be suspected was wrong when you received, then you must notify us as soon as possible that something is damaged or gone.
However, most recently within:
3 days after receipt of sea transported goods
7 days after receipt of car transported or stored goods
14 days after receipt of air transported goods

If we have not been notified of damage or defect within the time mentioned above, there is a risk that you will not be able to receive any compensation for damage or defect.
For the first report, you do not even need to know if there is any actual damage to the goods.
We only need to know the booking number and if there is a damage or any of the delivery that is missing.
You can call 010-20 706 66 or at any time of the day email or send a message via the chat on

After you notified us - What happens next?

When you have notified us that something is wrong, you will receive an email with a link to our complaint form.
In it, you should give us all the necessary information we need to work on your case.

Before you start filling in the form, it is a good idea to provide information on the damage and form an opinion about it so that you can explain it to us.

Materials we need in the complaint:

Images of the packaging
Preferably before you open the packaging and check the product._
For us, it is important to try to see how the damage may have occurred._
We want a picture of the whole and a close-up of the actual damage to the packaging

Take pictures of the damaged product.
These pictures need to convey in what way the damage affects the product.
Keep in mind that we do not know your goods as well as you do, so we may need to see more than you need to understand the damage.
We want a picture of the whole and a close-up of the damage itself

Obtain a basis for the value of the product .
Without any basis for the value, we can not provide any compensation.
If it is possible to repair the damage or if your customer is satisfied with a reduction instead of a new item, we want a basis for that amount.

If it was not you who received the goods - feel free to ask the recipient how the delivery went.
And whether they signed damage when they received the goods or not
Maybe the driver said something to them about the injury. All info is useful for investigating what happened.

Now you have all the data - what to do now?

Click on the link in the email you received from us or directly here and fill in the form as below.

Enter booking number for the shipping of the damage and press search
You can find it on My Pages or on the booking confirmation you received by email.

Check that the correct shipment is displayed.
It will say what date you placed the booking, what number of packages, which place it went from and which place it would be handed over to.

Select whether the complaint applies to Damaged goods or Lost goods

Indicate if you are the recipient or sender of the goods

Give contact information to the person we are talking to

Describe clearly how the goods have been packaged
We need to know what materials have been used.
An example of a clear description can be:
The product was packed in bubble wrap then form fitted with styrofoam around the outer edges of the product. Laid in a custom-made cardboard box made of double-corrugated cardboard.

Describe clearly the extent of the damage
We need to understand your product and in what way the damage affects the function and value of your product. Sometimes it is obvious other times we may need more information to understand Feel free to link the description to the pictures.
Examples of a clear description are:
Protruding arm on slot machine has come off, in picture no. 2 it can be seen that the arm has come loose from the plastic attachment itself. You see small plastic parts - There the arm should be stuck in the product. The attachment is destroyed, goes not to repair - no spare parts. The item has no function without the arm.

Briefly describe what it is for type of product / content
Example: slot machine in the form of a slot machine

Answer the question whether the product can be repaired or not

If it can be repaired, state estimated cost for it and which currency

Enter the value of the item and in which currency it is

Add pictures on the damage and on the packaging

Add trade invoice / Customer receipt or other basis for item value

Press send

When we have received and reviewed your application, you will either receive an email stating that we have received your complaint or an email asking you to complete with more information or explain in more detail at some point.
Once we have received all the information we need, we process your case against the carrier in question and will normally return to you only when the case has been settled, or if there are questions that we can not answer.

If you have not received any contact at all from us within 3 working days after you made the complaint, you are welcome to contact customer service and check that the complaint has gone through properly.

Quality management of your case

We have continuous checks every week of all current matters with us and strive for a fast and smooth handling for you.
Sometimes, however, it takes time for everyone involved to submit their information in the case and this can then mean that it takes time.

You do not have to be active in running the case - It is part of the service you buy from us that we help you run this. So you can focus on your business instead.

We take care of it for you
If you want help or feel unsure about anything - feel free to contact customer service.
We are here to answer all your questions!
Tel. 010-20 706 66 or kundservice@shiplink.

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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