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Air freight import

Air freight import

Air freight import is a worldwide transport service with delivery to both companies and private individuals. From manned business address to other manned business address or private home address.

What is included in this shipping service?
Collection from a staffed company
Delivery to a staffed company or private resident address
Any notification to the recipient
Basic Coverage
How is a delivery to a private residential address made?
During the first step, attempts are made to deliver the package to the private persons resident address. The package can also be delivered to a delivery point if it is most suitable for the recipient, who is then informed of this. As a rule, larger and heavier deliveries are delivered to the residents address as delivery points cannot handle that type of goods.

How is a delivery to a company made?
The parcel is delivered to the recipient during office hours. Three delivery attempts are included. The recipient is then contacted free of charge to plan a delivery. If this also fails, the transport is returned to the sender and a return cost is charged.

Because the transport is sorted on a conveyor belt, it is not permitted to place the goods on pallets or to use external wooden packaging. If there is external wooden packaging and / or pallet, it will be removed when arriving at the first terminal and additional fees may be charged afterwards.

How should I pack my goods to avoid damage?
Your goods are handled and sorted at the terminal together with other goods. Add shock-absorbing material based on the nature and fragility of the content. The goods must lie still and the weight must be evenly distributed within the packaging. Feel free to document the packaging with photographs to facilitate the complaint process in the event of any damage.

How is the goods transported? Your package is handled and sorted via at least two terminals. The freight is first picked up by a courier and driven to the nearest terminal. At the terminal, it is sorted individually or in cages together with other goods that are going to the same area and driven to the next terminal. From this terminal it is to be delivered to the receiver.

How long is the delivery time? An estimate of the delivery time is made in connection with the price calculation. Delivery to a private individual usually takes one working day longer than to a company. If the sender or recipient is not available at the pick-up or the delivery, it affects the delivery time.

The purpose of this description is to give an idea of ​​how the transport is carried out and what is included. We reserve the right to amend any clerical errors.

Updated on: 01/10/2021

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