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Estimated delivery date

Estimated Delivery Date

Delivery date
The estimated delivery date is preliminary, and not guaranteed.

No deliveries are guaranteed for specific days
Due to external factors which may affect the transports, no delivery dates are guaranteed. Such factors may be a greater quantity of deliveries, sicknesses, traffic conditions, vehicle problems, etc.).

Time of delivery
Deliveries are ordinarily taking place between 8 a.m - 17 p.m at weekdays. Local deviations may exist. You can request a specific delivery time, but that time can not be guaranteed.

Time and routine for home delivery
When delivering to individuals, or when a notification has been added as an option, a sms/phone call notifies the receiver when the goods arrives at the final terminal before delivery. The notification may lead to an extended delivery time, depending on when the receiver responds to the notification, or if there is a lot of goods ready for delivery at the time.

Signage at delivery address
It is important that there is a clear signage at the delivery address, so the driver easily can find where to deliver the goods. Insufficient signage may lead to surcharges to cover notifications costs.

A compilation of surcharges in relation to deliveries is Post-billing, additional costs and fees.

If you have any questions regarding the delivery, please contact our Kundservice.

Updated on: 22/02/2023

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