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Sending parcel with home delivery

Sending parcel with home delivery

Home delivery parcel is a door-to-door delivery service within Sweden. From a staffed business address to a residential address. The transport includes notification where the recipient has the opportunity to affect and choose intervals for delivery. Delivery usually takes place on weekdays between 08:00 - 17:00. Evening and weekend options can also be found in larger cities. Local deviations may occur in areas that are not served daily.

What is included in the shipping service?

Pick-up from a staffed company address
Home delivery to a residential address or plot boundary
Notification to the recipient is included - Delivery takes place on the day the recipient chooses together with the carrier
Delivery within about 4 days after notification is included. When the recipient is notified, they are offered delivery within four days, if the recipient needs more time, costs for warehouse rent may be added.
A time interval of four hours is often included for the recipient. The recipient is informed and offered an interval of four hours for delivery (does not apply to all carriers).
Delivery notice to the recipient 30 minutes before delivery. In connection with the delivery to take place, the driver will try to call the recipient once to announce that he will be there soon so they can prepare. The consignee must be present on the booked date that have been agreed with the carrier.
Fixed price
Basic Coverage
100% climate-compensated shipping

Change of delivery method - If possible, the recipient is offered to change the delivery to another suitable service. As an addition to delivery without receipt, etc. If possible, the recipient is offered the options available for the recipients address.
Please note that the service does not include carrying aid or installation. Delivery takes place to the plot boundary or address.
How does the notification work?
When the transport reaches the last terminal before the delivery end point, the transport stops and the recipient is notified. If a mobile number is available, an SMS will be sent with a link to the recipient about suggestions on time. There, the recipient must confirm or contact the carrier on the accompanying telephone number to determine another time.

Should the customer sit and wait for the estimated date?
No! home delivery is never made before the recipient and the carrier have been in contact with each other and set a date.

How do I pack my package?
Your package is handled and sorted at the terminal together with other goods. It is important to add shock-absorbing material based on the durability of the content. The goods must be stationary and the weight must be evenly distributed in the package. Feel free to document the packaging in order to be able to prove the packaging in the event of damage.

Inform the recipient! To avoid misunderstandings, it is important that you as a shipping customer inform the recipient of how the delivery will go at all times. In this way, the customer gets a better and clearer expectation of how the delivery will go and the recipient will be satisfied.
How is my package shipped? Your package is handled and sorted via at least two terminals. The freight is picked up by the carrier and driven to the nearest terminal. At the terminal, the package is sorted together with other goods that are going to the same area in Sweden. The package is then packaged in cages together with other goods and driven to the next terminal. From this terminal, the packet is finally output to the receiver.
How long is the delivery time? Delivery time varies but normal is between 1-3 working days from collection. However, some exceptions occur when some locations are not served daily for collection or delivery.

The purpose of this description of the service is to provide an idea of ​​how the transport is carried out and what is included. We reserve the right to amend any clerical errors.

Updated on: 09/05/2022

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