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Full and part load to companies

Business full and part load

Business full and part load is a door-to-door delivery service within Sweden. From a staffed business address to another staffed business address on weekdays during office hours. Pick-up can take place during the day, 08:00-17: 00 depending on where the pick-up is to take place. If you want a more exact time, contact Shiplinks Customer Service.

Important to know about the service
There must be free height of at least 4.5 meters at sender and receiver
30-60 min loading and unloading included, if it takes longer, costs may be added
If special loading and unloading aids are needed, the sender and recipient are responsible for having them available. For example, a truck to lift on/off the goods from the car.

What is included in the shipping service?

Pick-up from a staffed company address
Delivery to a staffed company address
Basic Coverage
Options for delivery notification and notification are available

Examples of options
Pick-up and delivery with tail lift, available as an option if needed (Maximum weight 800kg and maximum dimensions 2.4m x 1.1m x 2.2m).

Individual packages weighing more than 35 kg must be placed on a pallet. The calculation states weight and dimensions, including pallet and packaging. Price is based on weight and volume.
Please note that the service does not include carrying or installation. Delivery takes place to the address specified at the time of booking. Requests for assistance with carrying or driving the pallet to another address are not possible.

What happens if the recipient is not present at the delivery?
Then the transport goes back to the terminal. Delivery barriers may be charged, as well as a notification fee to confirm that the recipient is in place at the next delivery. Depending on the size of the consignment, a new cost for a new delivery may need to be priced in connection with a delivery obstacle.

What happens if the sender is not present when picked up?
In the event that the sender is not available for collection and the goods cannot be loaded, the entire transport cost will be charged. This is because the entire transport and the truck are booked for this particular transport.

How should I package my shipment?
Your shipment is handled and sorted at the terminal together with other goods. Add shock-absorbing material based on the nature and fragility of the content. The goods must lie still and the weight must be evenly distributed within the packaging. Feel free to document the packaging with photographs to facilitate the complaint process in the event of damage.

How is my shipment shipped? Usually a full or part load shipment is handled with a direct car from the sender to the recipient. A reloading can take place depending on whether there is a requirement for a tailgate lift when picking up or delivery. Reloading for other reasons may occur but is unusual and should not affect delivery time or handling.
How long is the delivery time? Delivery time varies, but normally it takes between 1-3 working days from collection. However, some exceptions occur when some locations are not served daily for collection or delivery.

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The purpose of this description of the service is to provide an idea of ​​how the transport is carried out and what is included. We reserve the right to amend any clerical errors.

Updated on: 29/05/2023

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