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[GUIDE] Shipping to and from the UK and Ireland (Brexit)

[GUIDE] Shipping to and from the UK and Ireland

The following information serves as a guide and compilation of important information that affects freight to and from the UK and Ireland in connection with the UK's exit from the EU (also known as Brexit).

Since 1 January 2021, the new trade and cooperation agreement has been applied. The UK is now treated as a country outside of the EU. This entails a change in routines, new requirements to comply with and rules regarding the transport of goods to and from the United Kingdom.

Shipping to and from Ireland must because of Brexit be transported through England. There must therefore be a basis for transit. We recommend the same documentation as if the goods were exported/imported out of/into the EU. At the Swedish Customs you can read more about product description at transit click here.

Be prepared that delays may occur due to customs clearance, read more here.

Important! A commercial invoice must be drawn up and contain the correct documentation. Read more in this article to get all the information.

In order to streamline imports and exports in connection with Brexit, DHL has required its service that the goods must be customs cleared in the UK by their agent - Gerlach Customs. It is not possible to use an other agent for export or import with DHL. The purpose of this is to simplify and streamline the current rules and the waiting time that prevails at the border.

Tullverket and Business Sweden are good sources of information on Brexit. We recommend that you contact them if you have further questions.

Further information about Brexit can also be read via DHL's website, read more here.

But note that Shiplink is not a customs agent but a shipping service. We can not answer questions in any great extent that concern the basis for customs clearance, taxes, VAT or customs. We always recommend consulting with experts in each area if necessary. Are you unsure where to find the right expert? Start by visiting

The purpose of this description is to provide a picture of how transport is affected by Brexit. We reserve the right to make any typos.

2020-05-04, Following internal decisions, we have chosen not to use DHL or DSV for transport to and from England. We can offer packages and smaller pallet transports with TNT and UPS, which we believe today maintain a good lead time and good structure. For needs of large pallet transports, we recommend that you contact a specialist in the field at the moment.

Updated on: 01/10/2021

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