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Here's how you integrate WooCommerce with Shiplink

This is how you integrate WooCommerce with Shiplink

Open the Integrate systems by first clicking on Company settings in the left menu and then on Integrate systems.

☝️The Company settings tab is visible only to and managed by users with Administrator privileges.

Click on the WooCommerce button.

A new smaller window opens.

Add a shortcut/link in the tab: calculate and book. A shortcut is created directly to the import view for your orders.

Set the status that the order should be assigned in WooCommerce after it has been booked for shipping in Shiplink.

Set the shipping status that the order should be assigned in WooCommerce after it has been booked for shipping in Shiplink.

Import the recipient's email to be able to send tracking emails.

For the shipping service package to pick-up point, you can choose whether notification messages to the recipient should be sent via email or SMS.

Click on Next step, and a new window opens. Then click on Configure System.

A new tab opens. Now you need to download a plugin by clicking on the link.

Yet another new tab opens. Click on the link to download a folder to your computer. The folder contains a plugin.

You now need to install this plugin in your WooCommerce. And activate it in your WooCommerce.
☝️If you are upgrading from a previous version (or have the "Sharespine Woocommerce API extensions” plugin installed), you must uninstall it before installing the downloaded and latest version.

After installation and activation of the plugin in your WooCommerce. Click on Continue.

Enter: URL/link to your WooCommerce store, Consumer Key, Consumer Secret, and Language, as well as the app key/token. Click on Connect to proceed.
☝️ It's important to enter the complete URL, like this: Not just:

Enter the status that your order should have in WooCommerce to be imported into Shiplink.

Enter the warehouse location.

Enter from which initial order date the orders should be loaded into Shiplink. Click on Continue.

Click on Finish. Go to the tab with your Shiplink account and click on Save.

Done! ✅ Start importing orders by going to System Integration via the left menu.

➜ If you have questions about the integration, contact our customer service here.

Updated on: 19/12/2023

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