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Import from +40 systems via Sharespine

Book faster, import from Your System

Import delivery details from orders in your system to the freight booking in your Shiplink-account. This is done through our connection to Sharespine, which is included in the upgrade to the Freight department. Sharespine, being an external technical solution, provides a price and agreement for you and creates the integration between your system and Sharespine. Once that integration is complete, you can easily connect to Shiplink without costly programming or expert assistance.

You save time and create a secure way to book shipments - by not entering delivery details manually for each booking, you minimize the risk of errors.

It's as simple as this:

Import delivery details from your system
Work with, change, and update multiple orders at once
Press: Import and book

Systems Sharespine Can Integrate

E-commerce Systems
Abicart, Askås, BigCommerce, DirektOnline, Easyweb, Wikinggruppen, Kodmyran, Magento, Norce, Nordisk E-handel, PrestaShop, Shoplab, Sitedirect, Sitesmart, Squarespace, Starweb, Vendre, and Wix.

Finance and business Systems, Mamut, Specter, Visma Administration, Visma e-conomic, and Visma eAccounting.

AFound, CDON, Elgiganten, Fyndic, Tradera and Åhléns

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Updated on: 13/06/2024

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