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Parcel to delivery point EUROPE

Parcel to delivery point

Parcel to a delivery point or also called agents is a transport service to countries in Europe. From a staffed company with delivery to the recipient's nearest delivery point/agent.

What is included in the freight service?
Pick-up from staffed company
Delivery to delivery points/agents
Notification via Email
Basic Coverage
Climate compensation

Important to remember
Tires as a type of package is not allowed in this freight service. Home delivery required.
Max 31.5 kg per parcel. It is very important not to exceed this limit.
The time the package remains at the delivery location varies, up to 13 days max (contact our customer service if you have questions).
If parcels are not picked up, they will be returned to the sender, in which case additional transport costs will be charged.

🇸🇪 Send within Sweden? Here you can read about the service: Package to delivery point.

MAXIMUM ACTUAL WEIGHT 31.5 kg: This freight service has a strict rule of max 31.5 kg in actual weight. According to work environment laws, staff at the agent may not carry heavier. If packages heavier than 31.5 kg is booked, it automatically changes shipping service to home delivery and is charged afterwards.

How should I pack my parcel?
Your parcel is handled and sorted at the terminal together with other goods. Based on the nature of the content, it is important to add shock-absorbing material depending on how sensitive the content is. The goods must lay still and the weight must be evenly distributed in the package. Feel free to document the packaging to be able to demonstrate how the packaging is made in the event of damage.

How is my parcel shipped? Your parcel is handled and sorted via at least two terminals. The freight is picked up by the carrier and driven to the nearest terminal. At the terminal, the parcel is sorted together with other goods that are to go to the same area in Sweden. The parcel is then packaged in cages together with other goods and driven to the next terminal. From this terminal, the package is finally driven out to the delivery point and it is then announced that it is available for collection.

How long is the delivery time? Delivery time varies but is normally between 1-3 working days from pick-up. However, there are some exceptions as some locations are not served daily for pick-up and/or delivery.

TIRES ARE FORBIDDEN TO SEND. This freight service prohibits tires as a type of package. Regardless of whether it is packaged in plastic or cardboard, this type of package is not approved. This is due to work environment laws and regulations at the carriers. If tires are sent anyway, your transport will be rebooked to the correct service and the difference will be debited afterwards.

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Updated on: 12/12/2022

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