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Road transport import

Road transport Import

Road transport import is a transport within Europe with delivery to both companies and private individuals. From manned business address to other manned business address or private home address.

What is included in the shipping service?
Pick-up from staffed company
Delivery to a staffed company or home address
Optional: Notification to the recipient
Basic Coverage

How does delivery to a private home address work?
Delivery to a private home address is notified to the consignee before delivery. The consignee then has the opportunity to affect the time and day of delivery.

How does delivery to a company work?
The delivery is delivered to the consignee during office hours without notification. If possible, the consignee will be contacted before delivery.
No guarantee. It depends on what the driver's conditions are for calling. Always enter a local phone number when booking.

How ​​do I book a tail lift?
If you need to book your shipment with a tail lift and it isn't stated in the first step of the booking that this already is included in the shipping price, contact customer service via phone, chat or email. We will make a manual booking with the carrier. There will be an additional cost that can vary depending on the conditions at the address and country.

Enter correct information IMPORTANT
In connection with transports outside Sweden, it is extra important to be clear with the information you provide. Address and contact details must be correct. Otherwise, your transport risks being severely delayed. Local phone number is important and a condition for consignor and consignee to be able to be contacted.

How should I pack my goods?
Your package is handled and sorted at the terminal together with other goods. Add shock-absorbing material based on the nature and fragility of the content. The goods must lie still and the weight must be evenly distributed within the packaging. Feel free to document the packaging with photographs to facilitate the complaint process in the event of damage. Feel free to read our help articles about packaging or contact customer service if you have any questions.

How is my goods transported? Your goods are handled and sorted via at least two terminals. The freight is picked up by the carrier and driven to the nearest terminal. At the terminal, the goods are sorted together with other goods that are going to the same country and area. The goods are driven to the next terminal or place for reloading. From this terminal, the goods are finally delivered to the consignee.

How long is the delivery time? An estimate of the delivery time is made in connection with the price calculation. Delivery to a private person usually takes one working day longer. If the consignor or consignee is not available for collection or delivery, it also affects the delivery time.

The purpose of this description of the service is to provide an idea of ​​how the transport was carried out and what is included. We reserve the right to amend any clerical errors.

Updated on: 12/06/2024

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