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Send groupage goods

Groupage goods

With Shiplink, companies can send groupage goods cheaply and easily with the leading freight companies. Our flexible freight services allow you to send both abroad and within Sweden.

To theoretically describe what is classified groupage good can be a bit tricky. A good rule to start with is that the packaged goods are usually unstackable, very long, awkward, etc. It is goods that deviate from the weight and the dimensions that define the package and pallet. If you have difficulty deciding what your goods are classified as just contact Shiplink's customer service, you will get help!

Shiplink offers companies of all sizes complete freight services to send groupage cheaply. With us, you can send abroad and domestically. If there are any doubts or questions, just contact our shipping experts and we will help you!

Other freight services

At Shiplink, you can send all different types of goods. We offer cheap and simple freight regardless of whether you want to send parcel or send pallet. Click links and calculate freight cost or create a free account if you have not already done so!

You can reach our customer service in our chat, by email: or call +46(0)10-20 706 66

Updated on: 01/10/2021

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