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Unique page & email for tracking

Company unique page & email for tracking

Extend your customer's experience all the way, even during shipping.

Upgrade to the Freight department and get a concept to create your own tracking page and tracking email. Upload your logo, images, links, and information to convey exactly what you want about your brand. The customer can track their shipment and see the estimated delivery date while you build customer relationships. By offering useful content such as care instructions, assembly guides, or providing information about the delivery, take the opportunity to showcase your other products, both existing and exciting news. Here you have a great space for upselling and brand building.

Why a personalized tracking page for shipping?

▪️ Maintain the relationship with the customer during transportation
▪️ Convey promotions and important information with ease
▪️ Strengthen your company's brand towards the customer
▪️ Unified experience for the customer, from the online store to tracking and delivery

Easy to maintain and update
You can easily customize and update both the tracking page and tracking email. It's easy to change content, for example, after the season, new products, or when you have new campaigns.

➜ Create your own Shiplink account and activate the Freight department here!
➜ Questions about the Freight department and what's included, contact customer service here.

Updated on: 07/12/2023

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