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Be prepared for the major holidays

The major holidays are approaching quickly

Black Week, Christmas, and New Year are some of the most significant shopping periods of the year that are just around the corner, and with them comes an expected increase in transportation and deliveries.

Plan Ahead
To ensure smooth transportation, it is important to plan ahead. Feel free to contact customer service to get clear information about delivery times, especially concerning shipments with time-critical requirements. The week after Black Friday may experience slightly longer delivery times, especially for shipping services to pickup points and home deliveries. The delivery time is not expected to increase by more than 1-2 days but could potentially be longer.

We have compiled some dates as benchmarks for delivery before Christmas. These dates indicate the latest pickup dates for your shipment to maximize the chance of it being delivered before Christmas. Please note that these dates are guidelines only; we cannot guarantee exact delivery times. Since we cannot predict resource availability or the impact of weather conditions.

Domestic Shipping to Individuals
Package to pickup point - Friday, December 15th
Package with home delivery - Friday, December 15th
Pallet with home delivery - Friday, December 9th

Limited Capacity at a Pickup Point
With increased volumes, some pickup points in Sweden and Europe may reach full capacity. This means that another nearby agent may be considered for delivery and may be changed. A pickup point has a maximum capacity for handling packages. Often, makeshift shelves are built to increase handling. All to accommodate businesses and recipients.

International Shipping (Europe) to Individuals
Package to pickup point - Friday, December 8th
Package with home delivery - Friday, December 8th
Pallet with home delivery - Friday, December 8th

For Domestic Shipping to Businesses
Package to business - Friday, December 15th
Pallet to business - Friday, December 15th

For International Shipping (Europe) to Businesses
Package to businesses in Europe - Friday, December 8th
Pallet to businesses in Europe - Friday, December 8th

Import & Export within Europe and Worldwide
Due to varied demand, several countries may have reduced capacity and fewer departures to and from Sweden. To get an estimate of the delivery date to or from your destination, please contact our customer service.

Delivery Times
Please note that all delivery times, regardless of the delivery method, are only estimated delivery dates that provide guidelines. This means that we cannot guarantee or offer financial compensation for delayed transport unless you have chosen a guarantee supplement. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact our customer service at Shiplink!

Some important tips and points to keep in mind.

November and December are intense months, both for businesses and for carriers and drivers.
Packaging Material: Ensure you have enough packaging material available. Check that you have everything you need. Get Fraktavdelning now for a 12% discount on packaging at - read more here or contact customer service, and we'll assist you.
Checklists and Procedures: Create clear checklists and procedures for the entire company and its vital processes.
Adequate Resources: Evaluate if you have enough resources to handle packaging during the upcoming holidays.
Create Insight in the Company: Plan joint meetings with the entire staff. Regardless of position, everyone can contribute important information and ask relevant questions.
Seek Help from Your Suppliers: If you have questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us at Shiplink. We are here to assist you during this period.
Increased Risk of Damage: With increased volumes, the risk of damage also increases. Be meticulous with packaging and follow regulations, even in hectic times.
Notification and Delivery Alert: Many work in different locations, and many offices close before Christmas. Consider if you need to make special choices in your booking to ensure smooth deliveries.
Unexpected Events: Clearly marked goods, for example, with stickers and tape with a logo, can help the carrier locate the goods if address labels were to be damaged. An extra address label in the box can be very helpful if something unforeseen occurs.
Damaged Goods: If an accident happens, it is important to inform Shiplink customer service within 7 days from the reception date if the goods are damaged.

🎅 Do you have questions or concerns about the upcoming holidays? Contact Shiplink customer service via chat on, email:, or phone: 010-20 706 66.

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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