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Why the need for shipping documents?

What is a shipping document? Read more about shipping document, why & how they are used here. The shipping document is needed for all shipping so that what is sent is handled correctly.

Shipping document

A shipping document is a document that is sent together with an item during transport. It is used so that the carrier can transport the goods to the recipient and handle the package in the right way.

When do i need a shipping document?

Every time you send something with a courier or shipping company, the shipment must have a shipping document. This is an important document that must always be present with the shipment during the transport. This applies regardless of whether it is a package, a pallet, half pallet or a document you are sending.

The Shipping document is a paper or label with all the information required, that what you are sending is to be handled correctly and reach the right recipient. Usually it is the company that sends the goods that draws up a shipping document. Your shipping document must be attached to the shipment.

The information included on a shipping document may vary between different shipping companies. Here are some of the most common information on a shipping document:
Sender: Name and address of the sender of the goods.
Recipient: Name and address of the person who is to receive the goods.
Weight: The packages gross weight in kilograms or grams, including packaging and also pallet (if sending pallet gods).
Volume: The width, length and depth of the shipment, alternatively volume. Sometimes the length and width are stated as so-called long goods (goods that are extra long).
Type of item: E.g. product, animal or gift. The information is used for any customs.
Insurance value: If the content has a value, you must enter a price for the insurance to apply.
Priority: Economy freight or express.
Delicate goods: If the contents are fragile, it is usually stated on the consignment note.
Package type: For example cardboard, pallet, document or long goods.
Number of packages
Barcode: A barcode that the carrier uses to more easily identify the shipment.
Payment information: For example, if the sender or recipient pays for the transport.
Transport instructions: If it is dangerous goods or must it be stored hot or cold? Is the goods covered by insurance?
Delivery reference: Special instructions for the carrier, e.g. door code or directions.

When you send something with Shiplinks shipping service, we create a shipping document for you. We will send it by e-mail so that you can print it and attach it to the package you are sending.
Other names for shipping document are waybill, consignment note, transport note, shipping label and transport label. However, the shipping document is not the same as the delivery note. A delivery note is a list of the contents of a package. It is used for the recipient to be able to check that the package contains what it is supposed to.

This is why shipping document are used

Having a shipping document is a must for the package to be transported. With the help of the shipping document, the carrier can first and foremost know how to sort the package and where to send it. The shipping document also contains information for the carrier on how the goods are to be handled.

Another purpose of the shipping document is to certify what the transport is about. It is important in the event that the goods are lost or damaged. Any freight insurance and insurance value are usually stated on the shipping document.

It is especially important to have a correctly filled-in shipping document if you send packages abroad (outside the EU). Customs checks the shipping document when it decides whether the package should be allowed to pass, customs cleared or sent back.

Frequently asked questions and answers about shipping document

What should a shipping document contain?

Most carriers usually require that a shipping document at least contains the sender, recipient, type of package, weight, volume / dimensions, number of packages and who pays.

What is CMR shipping document?

CMR shipping document is a document used for international truck transports. It is a kind of internationally recognized freight agreement between you who order transport and the transport company.

What is a SIS shipping document?

SIS shipping document is a type of standardized document (according to SIS standard) for domestic transport.

Who issues a shipping document?

The person who sends a package issues a shipping document. When you send packages with Shiplink, we complete the shipping document based on the information you provide in connection with the booking.

Updated on: 03/02/2021

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