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Dispute late charges

Dispute late charges

What happens if you have received a subsequent charge that you believe is incorrect? You have 7 days to make a remark to customer service, that you consider the invoice incorrect.

What is a post-charge?
A post-charge means that the carrier has charged us for a cost due to the fact that the transport was not correctly booked in the first place. This may mean that the shipment has been booked with the wrong measurements, wrong weight, wrong address, etc. It is important to remember that when you receive a post-debit charge, it is a cost that we have received from the carrier directly. Regardless of which operator you have booked through, you would have received a subsequent charge.

We will then request more information from you:
What kind of item has been sent?
The dimensions/weight of the goods (length x width x height) excluding packaging?
Information on how the goods are packaged?
Was the goods on a pallet?
Attach pictures of the goods together with some kind of measuring stick that confirms the dimensions of the goods, or pictures of the goods on a scale so that the weight can be seen.

How a dispute goes, generally:
We receive information from you that the invoice is incorrect.
We request information from you in order to take this further against the carrier. The better the evidence we receive, the faster the case will be investigated.
A dispute is not started until we have received the documents needed to be able to take the case further against the carrier.
A case can take anywhere from 1-30 days depending on what we have received for documentation and how many cases the carrier has. ATTENTION! The invoice you have received must be paid within the invoice terms specified.
We will get back to you as soon as we have received an update on your case. It may be that we need more documentation, a supplement or a simple control question.
The matter is investigated and settled. You will receive feedback with results. If the dispute is approved, you will receive a credit item on the next invoice.

It is always up to you as the customer to be able to prove that the booking is correct, because the carrier handles thousands of packages a day and can only indicate what the automatic laser on conveyor belts has measured for the dimensions/weight of your package. All packages are measured and weighed by laser on a package track, and errors are certainly possible. Therefore, we need to receive documentation that shows that the booked dimensions/weight are correct.

In the case of delivery obstacles, withdrawal, rebooking, notification and new delivery to the recipient are included. This means that the goods are taken back to the terminal, the recipient is notified to agree on a new delivery time or if the recipient wants to pick up the goods at the terminal. Regardless of whether the recipient picks up the goods at the terminal or if the goods are returned, the charge for the delivery obstacle remains.

You will be charged the difference between the amount you have already paid for the shipment and the amount the shipment would cost with the adjusted dimensions/weight according to the booked service. It may happen that if you recalculate the cost via our website with the new measurements/weight, you will not receive the same amount as you were charged. This is because our website is designed to find the cheapest and best shipping option based on the dimensions/weight provided. It is always most cost effective to provide correct measurements when booking, as our website is designed to select the best option for your specific transport.

If we cannot get any documentation from you that shows that the booked dimensions/weight are correct, the dispute will automatically be denied. We must have documentation to be able to take it on against the carrier.

Example: You book a half-pallet with dimensions 60x80x50 cm as stackable, sample price 523:-. The carrier assesses the pallet as non-stackable and the new shipping price with the booked service will then be, for example, 1083:-. You will be charged the difference of 560:-, which is what it costs to send the same non-stackable pallet with the same service as the original booking. If you book the transport as non-stackable directly via the website, you will receive a price of, for example, 808:-, as the system selects another cheaper transport service for the non-stackable pallet.

We recommend reading the article: Measure your goods correctly. It can be small centimeters that make a big difference, so you have to be careful.

👋 Do you have questions or concerns about disputing late charges? Contact Shiplink's customer service via chat at, email: or phone: 010-20 706 66.

Updated on: 14/05/2024

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