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Retailers expect a strong autumn - Shiplink gets you ready!

Retailers expect a strong autumn 🍁 - Shiplink gets you ready! 😀

"Retailers expect a strong fall." says Svensk Handel in a recently published article. Svensk Handel reports that after a record strong growth during the pandemic, e-commerce fell slightly during the summer. For the upcoming autumn, the future growth among the e-retailers will increase again. In addition, the stores are also positive about the autumn as several restrictions are eased and the number of vaccinations is increasing.

- E-commerce can hardly maintain the same growth rate as during the first year of the pandemic, but the digital transition will undoubtedly continue. We see that older people have embraced e-commerce during the pandemic and they will continue to click home goods, says Karin Johansson, CEO of Svensk handel.

Ready for the brighter times of autumn? 📈

How well prepared are you for the coming positive challenge? Whether you are in the start-up or have established your company. Surely you always want to ship efficiently, right? Then every penny counts!

Dare to grow 🐘

Do you receive requests that you find difficult? Are you planning for a new market? You do not have to look for answers in different places. Start with us at Shiplink! We have gathered a lot of knowledge and we collaborate with the largest (and best) carriers. Therefor we are able to offer you a width with several shipping services, for example if you want to:
Ship abroad
Use express shipping
Send domestic
Start to send pallet goods
Send larger shipments
Use courier

- It can feel nervous to take on new shipping methods, hire hauliers abroad or order time-critical shipping. But it is also a shame to miss out on business because the transport industry is complicated to understand. That is why you should get help from us, says Fredrik Larsson, founder of Shiplink.

We have daily contact with our customers to help, give advice, point in the right direction and also to prevent. Shiplink's own complaints department differs from other companies complaints departments. We want to help you to prevent the risk of injury and loss . You can therefore even before you send something, book a meeting with us for questions and assessment of packaging. Also to sort out what can be sent according to current laws.

Contact us for personal advice

We know everything about freight and are here to help you. You are very welcome to contact us, for consultation and an appointment with the right person to go through your thoughts and questions.
Telephone : We are available every weekday between 08.30-17 on numbers 010-20 706 66.
E-mail : Email us your questions or concerns at and we will make sure to answer you as soon as possible.
Chat : Use our chat and get answers to all your questions in record time. You will find the chat in the lower right corner of the screen.

If you want to read the article from Svensk Handel, click here.

Updated on: 01/10/2021

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