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Shiplink API

Shiplink API integration

What is an API?
API is an abbreviation of Application Program Interface. Briefly described, it is a way to get programs (applications) or systems to talk to each other and exchange information.

Who can use Shiplink's API integration?
Basically everyone who has an e-commerce, business data or trading platform system can integrate with Shiplink, however, technical expertise in programming is required to make everything work.

What can the Shiplink API help with?
The purpose of the Shiplink API is to simplify the management of orders. Shiplink API enables communication between Shiplink's system and your system. Which means that you can perform functions such as:
Price calculation
Track shipments
Print shipping document

Integrating your system with the Shiplink API can have many benefits, especially for large volumes. However, it requires an investment in the form of development. For those of you who have one of the most popular trading systems, there is an alternative option in our additional service Shiplink Import. Read about it here.

Where can I find the API documentation?
Click here and you will find detailed information about how our API is structured.

Any questions? Contact Shiplink's customer service.

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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