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Import order information to book shipping easier 🚀

Do you book shipping several times a day? Do you find it time-consuming to manually fill in the consignee addresses? Using the option Shiplink Import, you can easily retrieve the delivery information for your orders directly from your system to your Shiplink account. It is the connection between Shiplink and Sharespine that makes it possible to import delivery addresses from your orders in the most popular e-commerce, business data and marketplace systems.

Supported systems
E-commerce: Askås, C4 Media, Jetshop, Magento, Nordisk E-handel, PrestaShop, SharpSpine, Shopify, SiteSmart, Starweb, Specter, Vendre, Wikinggruppen and WooCommerce.
Business data: Fortnox, Hogia Retail, Visma eEkonomi, Visma net and Visma Administration.
Marketplaces: Afound, CDON, Fyndiq and Tradera.

As the Shiplink import option retrieves information from your system to your account on, orders are generated with the consignees information already filled in. Then you only need to add the type of goods, weight and dimensions to complete the shipping booking. Easy right? But also safe, as you remove the risk of possibly manually writing incorrect information. If you also use the function "your Own goods Types", it will become even faster to create a booking, read more about your Own Goods Types here.

When the freight is booked with Shiplink, data is automatically sent back to your system. This means that your customer can automatically receive an email or other notification generated from your system that the order has been processed and is on its way. This is possible only your system supports it pf course.

Shiplink Import automates large parts of the booking flow, which makes freight booking more efficient and you can spend more time on your business.

With Shiplink, it is also possible to import bookings as a draft with a CSV file, click here to read more.

How to get started with Shiplink Import? Contact Shiplinks customer service and we will make sure you get help getting started.

Sharespine is an aggregator that offers integrations between different systems in commerce such as e-commerce systems, financial systems and marketplaces. Read more about Sharespine, click here.

The purpose of this description of the service is to provide an idea of ​​how the transport is carried out and what is included. We reserve the right to amend any clerical errors.
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