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E-commercers! Book shipping faster and easier with your shipping department! 🛍🛒⚡️

Do you work with many orders at the same time or do you book several times per day? Do you find it time-consuming to manually fill in several shipments? Then we have the solution for you.

The solution is Shiplink's shipping department for SEK 49/week (charged only when you use the account). The freight department includes several parts that take freight to a new level. Among other things, a connection to Shopify, WooCommece, Fortnox and Visma e-conomic is included. You can download the bookings' delivery details directly from these systems to your Shiplink account. Save time and reduce the risk of possible errors with manual work. It is possible to change and update information in the smart list view.

👉 Change in bulk: Work with and update multiple bookings at the same time.

👉 Change individual: Work with and update individual bookings if needed.

👉 Customize for your needs: Set according to whether you often book with the same kind of information or a more advanced choice for information.

Read more about the shipping department here

💬 Do you have questions about Shiplink and the shipping department? Contact us at customer service on phone 010-20 706 66, the chat or email us at

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Updated on: 08/09/2023

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