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Book freight faster and smoother? Hi Shiplink Import!

Do you work with many orders at the same time or do you book several times a day? Do you find it time-consuming to manually fill in multiple shipments? Then we have the solution for you.

The solution is an add-on: Shiplink Import. With this add-on, the delivery information is retrieved directly from your system and imported to the booking in your Shiplink account. This connection saves you time and reduces the risk of possible errors when entering information manually.

How Shiplink Import works
1. Automatic import - Delivery information and other information is imported from your online store
2. Booking shipping - With Shiplink's smart list view, you can book your shipping without cutting and pasting
3. Print shipping documents - Everything is booked and ready

How does the integration (connection) work?
Sharespine will set up the connection for your company to ensure that all settings are correct. Do not hesitate to talk to Shiplink or Sharespine to discuss your ideas. Contact us for more information and to get started.

Systems that are connectable:
E-commerce : Askås, C4 Media, Jetshop, Magento, Nordisk E-handel, Prestashop, Sharpspine, Shopify, Sitesmart, Starweb, Vendre, Wikinggruppen and WooCommerce.
Business data systems: Fortnox, Hogia Retail, Visma eEkonomi, Visma Net, Visma Administration and Specter
Marketplaces: Afound, CDON, Fyndiq and Tradera.

💬 Want to get started with Shiplink Import? Use the active link above. But your are also welcome to contact Shiplinks customer service by phone +4610-20 706 66, chat or email us at

What is Sharespine?
Sharespine is an aggregator that offers integrations between different systems, such as e-commerce systems, financial systems and marketplaces. Read more about Sharespine, click here.

☝️TIP: Alternatively, use our import function of CSV file, read more here.

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