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In this help article, we describe how to connect your Starweb online store with your Shiplink account through Shiplink Connect.

Connect your Starweb account with Shiplink, completely free of charge! The connection means that you can easily import unprocessed orders from your e-commerce system to book shipping easier in Shiplink. For questions about the integration, please contact both Shiplinks customer service and Starweb support.

Step 1 - Enable the API feature in your online store

Contact Starweb to activate the API for your online store.

Starweb-support : e-mail:, phone: +46 (0)40-60 20 900 or chat on their website.
Then go to Settings / Connections / Starweb API

Activate the API by turning on "The store should be accessible via the Starweb API"
Then press "Create new user data"

A new box will appear asking you to enter an optional username. The easiest way is to fill in the name of your online store in one word, without spaces. The password is then created automatically.

Starweb API uppgifter

Create an account with Shiplink if you do not already have one. You do this here: Create account.
Go to Dashoboard , go to Shiplink Import and press the cogwheel icon to configure.

API username: Enter the previous username you entered in step 1.
API password: Enter the password you were assigned in step 1.
Shop ID: Enter your online store name, you can see this in the URL of your admin at Starweb.
Gateway: * is usually the one to be used. "" is for older online stores at Starweb.

If there are any questions about how to integrate your e-commerce at Starweb with Shiplink, just contact Shiplink's customer service, or [Starweb's customer service.] (

Updated on: 17/09/2021

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