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Always the best shipping service at the best price

Shiplink - Always the best shipping service at the best price

Shiplink is the Swedish freight markets leading online freight forwarder. Do as ten thousands of other companies, simplify your shipping and save money today. With Shiplink you get up to 70% cheaper shipping and we help you all the way from booking to delivery!

Usually companies hire different carriers for different purposes. As all carriers have their own specialist areas, they are forced to work with several players in order to be able to satisfy their customers with the best quality at the best price. This is often both cumbersome and time consuming. In the end, it also affects the service to one's own customers and has a financially negative effect.

Online freight forwarder: The modern way to ship as a company

Shiplink is the Swedish markets most popular shipping service! We consciously hire several different conveyors to always match you with the most suitable conveyor - for your specific needs.

Regardless of which carrier is hired for your transport, it is our modern customer service you turn to for questions. With all the information in one place, your entire shipping process is simplified - which saves both time and money!

Simple and fast price calculation
World-class customer service via phone, chat and email
Complete shipping services, regardless of need
Free business account
Pay weekly with collective invoice and up to 20-day payment terms

Updated on: 16/02/2024

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