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Cancel a shipment? How to!

How to cancel a shipment?

Sometimes you need to change something in your shipment. Maybe cancel it altogether. Or add more to it? How do you do it?

Let us know by calling, emailing or chatting

Telephone - We are available Monday-Thursday between 08.30-17 and Friday 08.30-16 on 010-20 706 66
E-mail - Mail and we will make sure to answer you as quickly as possible
Chat - Our chat is open Monday-Thursday between 08.30-17 and Friday 08.30-16 and you will find it at the bottom right corner of the screen

What information do we need

Booking number - so we can find the booking in our system
Recipient's name and location - we need this info to double check and be sure that we cancel the correct booking
Why do you cancel - if the shipment should not be sent at all or you need to add or update the content. We need to know because in many cases we dont have to cancel the pick-up from the carrier's planning.
Your name - we need to be able to note who cancels the shipment.
More info - if we need more information then we will get back to you.

If your shipping is not to be shipped

When we have received all the information from you, we take over. You do not need to do anything more. We take the hassle with the transporters, like waiting on the phone and taking care of the administrative work. It may happen that the driver still shows up at your place. Maybe the driver was already on his/her way or that the information from the carrier did not reach the driver. In that case, it is enough to say that you have canceled and been in contact with customer service.

☝️Remember to remove the label and shipping document, if the driver shows up even though we cancel.

If you are sending with a supplement / change in the shipment

Then we will get back to you if there are any further questions. If the goods are ready immediately, we will let the pick up continue as planned.


Depending on when the cancellation arrives and what type without shipping service it is, there may be a charge for late cancellation. Why, when and how much you can read more about in this article: Post billing, additional costs and fees

Shiplink's customer service is open weekdays 08:30 - 17:00 via chat, phone and email. If you have questions or concerns about your shipping, contact customer service.
This article aims to act as a guide and gather the most important and necessary information.

Updated on: 29/09/2023

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